101 Hair Tips How To Fight Frizz

101 Hair Tips How To Fight Frizz

“The fight against frizz starts in the shower.”

If these words sound vaguely familiar, it’s because you’ve heard our founder Paul Percival say them about the hair problem that’s the enemy of us all.

No matter how hard you try and fight your rebellious head of hair, frizz has a habit of coming back. At Percy & Reed, we have plenty of experience handling unruly hair, including the kind brought on by London’s famous drizzle. And while we can’t change the typical British weather, we can answer some of your most popular queries to help you calm frizz forever (no messing!)

Here, we uncover the potential causes of frizz, along with the best ways to prevent it and some instant frizz control tips. Your hair’s holy grail awaits. 

Why does my hair get frizzy?

From humidity to heat-styling, the underlying cause of frizz is usually the same old story: a raised hair cuticle layer. When this happens, moisture can pass through and swell the strands. The result? Dry, frizzy hair. No smooth strand in sight.

What’s more, everyday habits such as excessive combing and brushing of dry hair can also cause frizz, as it can weaken and damage the cuticles. So what can you do? Put moisture back in your mane and keep your strands smooth and unfussy. Don’t panic, with these tips, you’ll prevent the bane of your life (A.K.A frizz) from ever returning.

1. Start fighting frizz in the shower

Any shampoo that’s right for your hair type and replenishes moisture is key. Our Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo helps clean with care, while softening and smoothing tresses. The added vitamin E helps combat unwanted frizz and create superstar strands, so you can shine like the star that you are. If your hair is lacking shine or volume, use Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo which is (gasp!) suitable for all hair types, dermatologically tested, SLS/SLES free and gentle enough even for sensitive scalps. The formulation contains a moisture regulator which absorbs deep into the hair’s cortex, keeping your hair cuticle closed and as smooth as possible.

Percy & Reed moisturising shampoo

To keep your hair well-behaved after washing, avoid the towel rub. It can cause friction and send your hair cuticles into a flurry which = frizz. Instead, wring out as much of the water as possible, then gently squeeze or scrunch your hair before getting out of the shower. If you really must use a towel (we know there’s something oddly satisfying about it), use a microfibre hair towel. The soft, silky material will work wonders on your hair.

Thankfully, there’s also an assortment of care products you can choose from to help prevent frizz.

Paul says,

“When hair is wet you can start to control frizz and lock out moisture. A great primer such as our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm seals the cuticle in readiness for all styling products and techniques.

Sealing the cuticle locks in moisture, preventing the cuticle from opening and letting the air in that causes a big frizzy mess. Voila! Who’d have thought you could combat frizz just like that?

2. Use a wide-toothed comb

Comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb in the shower after applying conditioner, then rinse. This helps prevent breakage and stimulates the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and less frizz.

And while it may feel unnatural at first, you should start by combing through the ends, then work your way up, gently removing all knots at the bottom first. Starting low allows you to get rid of all those terrible tangles along the hair shaft without running the risk of pulling your follicle out of its root. (Ouch!) It also helps to separate your hair into sections, gently brushing one layer at a time.

Hair styling with Adam Reed

3. Blow dry your hair like a pro to get the best results

As for blow drying, there’s also a technique to follow to avoid a frizzy finish. Begin by sectioning your hair horizontally using hair clips and dry one section a time before moving onto the next.

Adam says, “The golden rules to combatting frizz are when drying hair - take your time to get the best results! You should always have the hot air blowing down the hair shaft from root to tip. This will seal the cuticle for perfectly smoothed, frizz-free, shiny hair.”

And here's a tip if you want to revive your hair and neutralise unwanted odours, such as those brought on by the autumn rain, without washing and blow drying your hair. Simply mist our A Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist onto dry, styled hair from 30cm away. Not only will you smell glorious, you'll have dazzling, glossy, lustrous locks around the clock.

4. Get an Instant Frizz Fix on the Go

Try an anti-frizz spray such as Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer to banish frizz in a flash. The anti-humidity formula contains sweet almond seedcake extract which boosts manageability and creates a resistant shield around your hair to keep it smooth and sleek.

Coconut and moringa oils enhance shine, so you can give frizz the brush off. Simply spray in and brush through hair. Hey presto, frizz-fixed. Pop a bottle in your handbag, and you’re all set for frizz control on the move.

5. Choose the right oil for your hair type

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil

If you have fine hair, a nourishing hair oil such as our Smoothed Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair can help fight fuzzy, frayed ends and reveal smooth, sleek, silky locks in an instant. Ingredients such as frizz-busting pomegranate seed oil will help strengthen the cuticle while leaving behind a smoothing film that prevents frizz. Paul says, “Our No Oil Oil For Fine Hair is a brilliant product for fine hair as it also contains an anti-humidity agent which helps stop the heat and moisture penetrating your hair.” When you protect the hair cuticle from heat and moisture, your hair stays smooth and glossy. We promise.

And if you have thick hair that’s coarse or rebellious, fear not. Our Smoothed Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil For Thick Hair can also be applied through the hair for mirror-like shine, for perfect frizz-free results every time. Simply dispense 2-3 pumps into palms and warm between your hands. Apply to damp, towel-dried hair before applying your favourite styler. Dry and style as usual.

6. Use a hair mask at least once a week

Percy & Reed TLC Hydrating Hair Mask

Frizz is an instant sign your hair needs some TLC. Hydrating hair masks can help nourish and replenish hair while preventing breakage, helping you get the most from your mane. Frizzy hair also tends to be dry, so any hydration you can give it will go down a treat. For a deep conditioning treatment, use our Totally TLC Hydrating Mask which includes a hair bonnet designed and illustrated by beauty and fashion illustrator Jessica May Underwood. It provides the benefits of a relaxing salon treatment, at home. Heavenly!

For the ultimate hair pampering, use our Totally TLC Hydrating Hair Mask once a week on damp, towel-dried hair in place of conditioner. Leave 2-3 minutes then rinse and style as usual.

7. Condition. Condition. Condition

The best conditioners for frizzy hair are those which work to detangle unruly tresses and impart sparkling shine from the very first use. Suitable for all hair types, our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Care Conditioner is moisture balancing and works in harmony with soothing aloe vera and sunflower seed extract to bring back silky radiance to dull and stressed areas of hair. It’s even dermatologically -tested. Plus, the moisturising formulation helps flatten and treat the cuticle and contains colour-preserving. If your hair is damaged or in need of extra nourishment, try our Splendidly Silky Moisturising Conditioner to help quench thirsty locks.

And if all else fails, after all, you can’t always beat a bad hair day, keep the frizz at bay with an effortless hairstyle. Think a classic low bun, voluminous ponytail or pretty plaits. It’s all about texture.

Have you discovered the best way to fight frizzy hair? Let us know how you achieve frizz-free locks on Instagram by tagging @percyandreed. Or visit our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you. #percyandreed