3 Steps to Take You From Fine Hair to the Bouncy Locks of Your Dreams

3 Steps to Take You From Fine Hair to the Bouncy Locks of Your Dreams

Give your hair va-va-volume that lasts from day to night.

Dreaming of big, bouncy, red-carpet-worthy hair? Fine haired girls aren’t the only ones that struggle with volumising hair. Even the A-list need a little help in the volume department from time to time. The secret to serious lift is all about the styling techniques and the volumising hair products you use. 

Ready to turn heads? Read on to discover a few styling secrets that will give you big, bouncy, beautiful hair that lasts, and find out how to increase hair volume. It’s time to get that wow factor!

Volumising products for hair with curls

1. First up, It All Starts in the Shower

You've probably heard us say this before, but great hair really does start in the shower. 

Choosing the best volumising shampoo and volumising conditioner for your hair can breathe life into fine or lifeless hair. Ultimately the best solution for fine hair is to make sure you don't use any product that will weigh it down. The Percy & Reed volume range is designed to add support to your strands and keep them from falling flat.

Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Shampoo has an amplifying formula that will cleanse your hair while also adding body, and Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Conditioner has a lightweight formula that doesn't weigh tresses down. It’s packed with ingredients like blackcurrant extract, grapeseed oil, and aloe vera gel which will add volume and nourish the strands at the same time. This dynamic duo make it easier to get the look of your favourite “big hair” style icons.

2. Now to Prep for a Big, Bouncy Blow Dry

Next up, it's time to blow dry your way to ‘Bardot-like’ bounce. First, prep your hair with our secret (and some may find, surprising) ingredient... A little Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair. This little multi-tasker is a great hair thickening product for hair on the thinner side. It will add volume to your locks from the roots and build natural-looking va-va-voom, while also making them smooth, sleek and shiny. Once you've finished applying then it's right about time for the very best volumising treatment on the market... A mousse! For extreme, long-lasting volume without the crunch, our Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse will be your BFF.

For the perfect blow-dry, section the hair and dry each section, one at a time, using a medium-sized round brush to get some added bounce. Our co-founder Adam Reed says, “Big, beautiful hair never goes out of fashion. When blow-drying hair always have the hot air blowing down the hair shaft to flatten cuticles and prevent frizz or static.”

Treatments for thin hair to get volume

3. Finally, Create Volume That Stays That Way All Day

Got your hair right where you want it only to find it starts to go flat a few hours later? Fret not. The team at Percy & Reed HQ swear by Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray. It’s an instant style refresh in a can that will pump up your hair in a flash. It’s a great volumising spray for fine hair. Just shake the can and apply to the roots and lengths of your hair. Massage the spray in, and it will create instant volume and lift.

Our co-founder Adam Reed says “Big, Bold and Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray is the perfect quick-fix for hair that’s lost its height. Turn your head upside down and spray into roots for an instant pick-me-up.” The more you massage your hair while spraying the more volume you create. How big will you go?

Get beautifully big bouncy hair and keep voluptuous volume all day long, with this combo of shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

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