5 Of The Best Autumn And Winter Hair Care Tips

5 Of The Best Autumn And Winter Hair Care Tips

Autumn is the time for beautifully leafy woodland walks, but it's also the perfect excuse to don your loungewear and have a night in drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate. (With extra marshmallows, of course!). As the season changes and the weather gets colder, along with it can come all sorts of hair issues including dryness of the scalp and extra frizz. So read on for five top tips that will help you solve your autumn and winter hair problems. Get cosy, sit back and discover the perfect cold-weather hair routine.

1. Choose Hair Care Products that Add Moisture 

If you’re not already using a shampoo for dry hair, you might want to switch to one during the autumn and winter months. The crisp, cold weather can suck the moisture from your strands, and cause static and frizz. Washing less often will help to keep moisture in the hair. Wonder Wash Shampoo and Wonder Care Conditioner are an excellent choice for this season. They are created with mild formulas that respond to your hair type, and they will add moisture where it’s needed. The shampoo contains wheat protein which will weatherproof hair against extreme conditions. Genius.

2. It’s Time for a Trim

The combination of indoor central heating and the extreme change in weather conditions from rain, wind and autumn sun can affect the health of your hair, making it more prone to damage and split ends. Light doesn’t reflect well from damaged hair either so it can be dull and lacklustre. The solution? Pop to your favourite salon and go get a trim. You’ll soon have the new shiny autumn hair of your dreams. Want to keep it that way?  It’s time to start a damage prevention routine.

Wonder Treatment Oil for Dry Hair

3. Apply a Hair Oil

Hair oil is liquid gold for dry hair and can work wonders for a dry or irritated scalp. Treat your hair to some R&R with Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+. This lightweight oil can transform dry strands thanks to its Triple Seed Oil Complex which delivers a trio of benefits to your scalp and hair while helping you to control frizz and split ends. Our co-founder Paul Percival recommends applying to your scalp to combat dryness, he says, “Apply the oil to dry hair and scalp, then use a paddle brush to stroke both the hair and scalp around 100 times to gently exfoliate.” This treatment will restore your hair to its super shiny best.

4. Use a Treatment Mask

As well as switching up your shampoo and conditioner, it’s a good idea to give your mane some love with a regular hair treatment. Soothe and protect your strands with a weekly treatment mask like Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. It's a little miracle that gets to work while you sleep. You can apply it directly to dry hair, and it will absorb instantly. (No mess!) This ingenious mask contains natural protein that boosts the hair’s ability to retain moisture fight frizz and increase shine. Wake up and say “Good Morning” to hair that’s shining with health. 

5. Fight the Frizz

The changing weather can play havoc with your hair and can bring on the dreaded frizz. Keep your hair under control with the perfect styling routine. Apply Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm to damp hair to keep strands frizz-free for three blissful days, then add a few drops of Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick hair or Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair before styling to keep your strands super smooth.  If you get caught out in the drizzle and need an instant fix on the go, try Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer. Its blend of coconut and moringa oils will moisturise and enhance shine and help you give frizz the brush off in a flash.

Want a good reason to stay in this autumn? Try the classic, “I’m too busy washing my hair.” Staying in to pamper and take care of your locks provides the perfect excuse to have a cosy night in. So, put on your hair mask, get some fluffy socks and your fave movie on Netflix, and you’ve got the perfect autumn evening. Follow these top tips and get into a good routine, and your hair will keep shining with health throughout autumn and winter. 

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