Easy Hairstyles For Festivals

Easy Hairstyles For Festivals

Planned your festival outfit? What about your festival hair? There are still a few exciting events on the festival calendar for 2018. If you’ve yet to get a ticket there’s Boardmasters, Green Man Festival, Creamfields, Reading & Leeds to look forward to. So, keep reading for all the festival hair inspo you’ll ever need. *Takes breath.* Time to get planning.

From neon wigs to glorious glitter, choosing your festival hair can take some prep. But fret not. Here are our top tips on creating festival hairstyles. Plus, discover the styling products you’ll need to carry you through from dusk to dawn.

This summer, it’s all about natural waves with added jewels and haberdashery. We’ll also be sharing ‘how to’ tips on creating that splendid festival staple, braids. And our favourite 90’s throwback otherwise known as double buns will be making a comeback.

Natural waves, hair jewels and hair haberdashery

Natural hairstyles are uber-friendly for festivals. Think laid-back waves and texture. Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner rocked this look at Coachella and it’s a great way to keep hair low-maintenance. This marvellously messy, boho chic look is super simple to achieve, which is always a top priority for festivals, right? Less time prepping hair = more time dancing.

Our founder Adam Reed says,

“This summer’s ultimate relaxed waved is created by drying Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ into the hair, to prepare and protect. Follow with our incredible Beyond the Beach Texture Spray - a salt spray containing English sea salt, harvested from the coast of Cornwall - for the ultimate undone wave.”

You can also sparkle things up by adding accessories. Think hair jewels and hair haberdashery, like this beautiful look created by our founder Adam Reed.

girl with tassels in hair

Here’s how to use Beyond the Beach Texture Spray:

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray onto dry hair and tousle into soft waves. If hair is damp, spritz on and allow to dry naturally.
  3. Apply more to go as wild and windswept as you dare!

Our founder Paul Percival loves using Beyond the Beach Texture Spray to achieve effortless holiday hair. He says:

“For a fabulous sea-swept style it’s my new go-to product for all hair types and lengths. Lightly mist through short hair from roots to ends when damp. It’s also perfect for girls with curls – simply dry naturally."

Braids on braids

Braids are a staple for the festival season, and they aren’t going anywhere. We’ve spotted celebs rocking braids all over the circuit. Queen Bey, Katy Perry, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid have all been spotted wearing beautiful braids this year. Once braids are done, they’re done. Tight braids can be created before you leave home to take you through a whole weekend. There’s a whole melange of braid styles you can try. From jumbo braids to double Dutch.

girl wearing braids

Our founder Paul says,

“Sienna Miller and Kate Moss do great festival hair, it’s always really relaxed but stylish. Low maintenance styles such as braids are brilliant as once they are done they stay in for a long time but look great."

Paul loves using our No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo to help create beautiful braids. He says:

“Spray dry shampoo into the hair. This gives fine hair more grip and is a great way to hide the dirt. Wear them down or on the crown of your head, secured with pins for a style that will last all day long.”

The unique formulation soaks up excess oil and cleanses the scalp, so you can refresh and revive hair in between washes. It’s the ultimate hair product for getting through your favourite festival.

Simply follow these steps for effortless braids:

1.Shake your No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo well and spray onto a brush.
2.Work through the hair from roots to ends.
3.Divide the hair into two equal sections. Clip one out of the way. Brush the hair and begin braiding one side.

Top tip: For a classic Dutch braid, the right piece goes under the middle and then the left goes under the middle, while adding more hair from the root.

4.Repeat the three-strand Dutch braid all the way down to the end. Then do the same on the other side. 5.Secure at the bottom with hook bands. Voila. Now you’re festival ready!

Double Buns

Are two buns better than one? This style is a fun 90’s throwback. Double buns are also known as space buns or Minnie Mouse ears. They are cute, cool and easy to create. Here’s the lowdown on how using our Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray.

  1. Spray Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray onto your hands and smooth over the hair. It’s completely weightless, humidity resistant and has no build up.
  2. Split your hair into two sections. Pull each part into a high pigtail and secure each with a hook band. Spray each pigtail with hairspray and lightly tease.
  3. Twist and wrap into a loose bun on each side and secure with pins. Hey, presto. Festival glam, 90’s style.

Top tip: Spray hair grips with hairspray before using them. This makes them tacky, so they grip the hair and stay in place.

What festivals are you going to this year? We’d love to see which styles you decide to rock.

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