There are five fab steps to hair happiness… and they start right here. Take our short quiz to discover the products that your hair needs – then enjoy a sneaky discount on your recommendations.

January is a time for new beginnings, reflection (kind of like that high shine on your hair) and new routines. At Percy & Reed, we work with a 5-step Hair Regimen… all year round. We believe there are just five steps – six products If you will, that will take you on a journey to true hair happiness. And it all starts with our quiz.

We’ve developed this easy-peasy short quiz that uses our years of expertise (and some jazzy computer coding) to help you find the five products that will give you great hair and solve any hair woes.

Let’s break it down.

  1. We’ll ask you about your hair type and how you tend to your tresses. Are you a morning person or more of a wash-and-pamper in the evening kind of woman? This will help us to tailor your PREP step. We believe Great Hair Starts In The Shower and so your shampoo and conditioner choice is an important one, providing you with the perfect foundation for styling.
  2. Do you PRIME your hair? We’ll show you how. A hair primer is a super important step in your hair routine and one you’ll wonder why you skipped. Until now.
  3. Understanding your hair concerns + treating them the right way = better styling. We’ll ask you which solutions you’re looking for as well as the look you wish to achieve. STYLING will become a breeze and your hair health easy to maintain thanks to our product recs.
  4. Next up we’ll let you in on our little secret about the absolute must-have step in your routine – REFRESH. We all need a little pick-me-up now and again. And we have just the thing in the form of dry shampoos and hero mists to keep that style at its most fabulous until dusk.
  5. Because TREATS aren’t just for Christmas (and January would be much tougher without them), we’ve allocated the perfect gift for you – a tip on which treatment your hair deserves to be at its bounciest and healthiest through the winter and beyond.

Hair happiness starts with a routine… and your routine starts right here with our quiz. Take yours today and bid goodbye to January blues and hair woes.