Hair Care to Hide A Holiday Hangover

Hair Care to Hide A Holiday Hangover

Have all the holiday celebrations played havoc with your hair?

The combination of festive tipples, little time to style between events, and the cold weather, can leave your hair feeling as frazzled as you are after a big night out. Sometimes your hair needs a hangover cure too. Here at Percy & Reed HQ, we’ve got the perfect hangover hair elixir.

Check out these three hair hangover remedies, and help your hair recover from the festive season. 

When you have hit the ‘snooze’ button a few too many times

Stayed out just that little later than planned, and hit that snooze button a few more times than you intended? (Surely not just us?!)

When you’re in this situation and short of time in the morning, there are a couple of styling products that are little lifesavers. They will help to add ease and speed to that morning-after hair. No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo will refresh your hair in an instant giving you that ‘just washed’ feel even when there is no time to wash your hair.

Award-winning Beyond the Beach Texture Spray can give you marvellously messy hair in a good way. You can scrunch into dry hair to create waves and give that morning after hair effortless texture, body and bounce. 

Last-minute fixes to hide bad hair days 

If you’ve woken up with very dry hair or dancefloor-induced frizz, there is always time to tackle it. Especially when you've got a quick fix to hand! Try Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer, and you’ll have frazzled hair sorted in a flash.

It contains coconut and moringa oils along with sweet almond seedcake extract. Just add a quick spritz in the morning, and it replenishes vital moisture and forms a humidity-resistant shield around every strand. Hey presto, frizz-fixed! This little multitasker will help you get over your hair hangover at least. (Sorry, can’t help with the headache!) Keep a bottle with you to fix frizz on the go.

Build a haircare routine that gives strands more TLC

Cold weather, late nights and drinking can all dehydrate your hair, so it's crucial that you have a good hair routine in place to keep your locks as healthy as possible. Take time to nourish and use a hair mask whenever you can (once a week is a good starting point!). If you have a rare night in, take the time to pamper your strands with a hair treatment mask. Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery gets to work while you sleep. It absorbs instantly into dry hair so you can even apply it before you go to bed after a night out. By morning, rinse out and your hair will be super shiny and lustrous again.

If you have time to wash your hair in the morning, give Totally TLC Hydrating Mask a try. It’s a true rescue remedy. Just ten minutes of pampering with this indulgent fast-acting mask and your hair will be restored to its beautiful best. It is formulated with marshmallow root extract, aloe and coconut oil and will add a healthy shine. Drinking lots of water and eating nutrient-rich foods will also help restore your crowning glory. So put in an order for that smashed avo on toast for breakfast, it will help give your hair a boost! 

With this combination of instant pick-me-up styling products and indulgent hair treatment masks, you can wave goodbye to the hair hangover. (The actual hangover may take a little more work!)

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