How to Keep Hair Looking Healthy This Season

How to Keep Hair Looking Healthy This Season

So why is it that hair seems to misbehave just when you want it at its beautiful best? That’ll be the effects of the cold weather, indoor heating, late nights or stress. This heady mix isn’t great for hair, and you might struggle with the “hair hangover”. You know the signs; dull and dry hair that looks and feels frazzled.

The good news is you don’t need to get your tinsel in a twist. You can survive the season in style, with a little care for yourself, your hair and the right moisturising hair products. Read on for all the top tips to keep your hair looking healthy and feeling fabulous through the festive season and beyond... 

Take Time to Nourish

Party season might look a little different this year and that means more pamper nights for our hair. Our Bye Bye Dry Gift Set is perfect for those colder nights. With great hair starting in the shower, our Bye Bye Dry Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner are the perfect first step in your relaxing and nourishing haircare routine. Then apply Bye Bye Dry Hydrating TLC Mask and sit back and relax while the creamy formula deeply moisturises and restores hair to its former glory. Wrap hair in our soft, luxurious turban towel, add a dressing gown, and continue your pampering session. Aaaaand relax.

Pamper Your Hair Whilst You Sleep

If you’ve got a night in, try an overnight hair treatment. Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery works while you sleep and will turn lacklustre locks into envy-worthy hair by morning. It contains natural protein that fixes and repairs dry hair from the inside out. Dreamy. Our co-founder Paul Percival recommends adding a hair treatment to your regime. He says, “Use a treatment at least weekly or more if you need it. It will help add shine, moisture and seal the cuticle, maintaining the hair’s condition.” Apply this easy to use treatment to dry hair at bedtime by massaging a generous amount into your roots. Then smooth it through the lengths and ends of your hair. And hey presto! After just a few seconds it absorbs into your hair. In the morning you can just shampoo out. Soft and shiny hair restored. (No conditioner needed.)

You can also treat your hair to some R&R with Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+. It contains a trio of nourishing seed oils that will transform even the driest of hair and give an instant boost of moisture. It leaves hair silky, shiny and oh so swishy. And it’s super easy to use too.

Use as a pre-shampoo or leave-in treatment. When using the oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, just warm 3-4 pumps in your hands. Apply to dry hair, start by massaging into the scalp and then work the oil from roots to ends. Leave for 2 minutes and then rinse off with shampoo & conditioner. If a leave-in treatment is more your thing, start by washing your hair. Then dispense 3-4 pumps of Wonder Treatment Oil+ into your hands, working from roots to ends on towel-dried hair. Dry and then style as desired. You’re good to go.


Shine Like a Superstar

Give your hair an injection of the wow factor and using the best hair styling products for shine. Using a primer like Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm will protect your hair from heat. It will keep your hair sleek, smooth and fight the frizz for up to 72 hours. (That’s more than a weekend’s worth of partying).

Another excellent product for mirror-like shine is a few drops of Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair or Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair. Apply it to towel-dried hair before styling, and you’ll be ready to dazzle on the dancefloor. If you want to hold your hair right where you want it all night use Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray. It holds hair without that crunchy feeling, so your hair will feel more rock star glam than rock solid.

For a finishing touch, you can apply a sweep of the gorgeously scented Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray. This mist provides an instant pick-me-up and leave your hair shiny, glossy and smelling simply divine. So wave goodbye to the hair hangover. You can party as much as you like and keep looking fabulous. Just remember these tips and your hair will thank you for it.

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