Our Biggest and Best Dry Shampoos

Our Biggest and Best Dry Shampoos

We're pretty excited about this...

Dry shampoo is our regular hair saviour, and we’re pleased to announce that our Percy & Reed Dry Shampoos are now even bigger and will last longer than ever before.

That's right, they now come in a Gift Set where you get one 200ml Dry Shampoo for FREE.  

Dry shampoo is every girl’s ‘go-to’ for that freshly-washed hair when you haven’t got the time to go through a whole shower routine. And now, you are less likely to run out.

Dry Shampoo makes up step four (Refresh) of our 5 step hair care routine for effortlessly good hair. There are two Percy & Reed Dry Shampoos, but which one will you choose? They both refresh hair in an instant and are infused with the bright, delicate ‘A Walk in the Rain’ fragrance however they do work slightly differently depending on what you're looking for and what's best for your hair. 

No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo uses ultra-fine cornflour to soak up excess oil and cleanse the scalp. It’ll leave your hair feeling fresh, soft and also volumised. Great for when you are in a hurry, the unique formulation provides a little lift to roots and adds texture. It's really good for thinner or finer hair that needs bounce.

Then we have Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo, which could be your new invisible friend. This little lifesaver is a powder-free dry shampoo. It has a transparent formula, and it removes excess oils before vanishing without a trace. It doesn’t leave behind any powder or dry shampoo residue (that's the silica doing its job).

Instead, you just have radiantly-refreshed, healthy-looking hair. This dry shampoo is perfect for all hair colours but works exceptionally well on darker tones that want to ensure complete transparency and shine. 

Fresh hair is just a spritz away thanks to Eau My Goodness No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo, an award-winning dry shampoo spray for easy, effortless styling (and guaranteed extra time with your duvet). Our expert formulation uses invisible superfine cornflour – a unique natural powder that won’t leave white streaks – just must-have hair with a light, intoxicating fragrance of geranium and mint.

Tips for applying dry shampoo

  • Always make sure you shake the can well before you use it.
  • Follow the directions on the can and spray from 10 to 20 cm away.
  • You’ll get the best results and that clean feel by working it really well into the root area.
  • You can also apply it to a brush and work it through your hair from roots to ends.

Still not sure which to choose? You can find out which products best suit your hair type with our easy hair quiz now. Get ready to meet your match! 

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