The Power Of Fragrance

The Power Of Fragrance

We at Percy & Reed are all about spreading joy and making our customers feel simply fabulous, great hair is always the ultimate pick me up! This is why we choose to infuse every single one of our products with a luxurious signature scent, created bespoke to us by a renowned fragrance house.

A great fragrance has the intrinsic power to uplift us and boost our mood; having a heavenly aroma follow you throughout the day truly helps to romanticise the everyday. For many women their signature scent helps them feel put together and ready to conquer the world, and with 30 % off our new Fragrance collections there has been no better time to try, and we guarantee there will be at least one of our four fine fragrances that you just can’t get enough of!

Get to know our fine fragrances a little better…

A Walk With Nature Collection

Memories of bright sunny walks through fragrant fields and meadows are encapsulated within our A Walk with Nature fragrance, allowing you to revive these golden spring and summer days through your everyday haircare routine. Our A Walk With Nature fragrance draws on apple and citrus top notes evoking the scents of an orchard ripe with fresh fruit, creating a harmoniously soothing scent with a hint of zest. The heart notes of this fragrance are soft rose and lily of the valley, providing a romantic element to this floral fragrance that remains forever timeless. Base notes of cedarwood, musk and amber help to ground the fragrance and provide a hearty depth of tone. Wake up and smell the blossoming roses with this heavenly fragrance!

This warm & soothing collection is the perfect excuse to treat your hair to some serious love and protection with these clever and indulgent protective saviours. This collection includes: Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream, The Perfect Blow Dry Makeover Spray & Bye Bye Hydrating TLC Mask.

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A Walk In The Rain

A Walk in The Rain may either sound like a scene out of a Hollywood rom com or your idea of a hair care nightmare! Either way we simply adore the smell of freshly fallen rain and the refreshing scent it leaves behind. Our A Walk In The Rain fine fragrance feels like a breath of fresh air with vibrant green top notes sweetened by the heart notes of geranium and hyacinth which add a floral and undeniably feminine twist. Woody base notes of musk and amber add a luxurious richness of depth to this fragrance which harmonises perfectly with the sweeter floral notes.

This fresh & bright collection will put a spring in your step with hair so fresh and bouncy. This collection includes: Turn Up the Volume Volumising Mousse, Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray & No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo.

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London Florals

This fragrance is greatly inspired by the quaint London Flower Markets from the likes of Covent Garden and Columbia Road and the vivid freshly-cut flowers which grace their stalls. As with all our fine fragrances we love to celebrate our British heritage and the fact that our fragrances are meticulously blended here in the UK- British through and through! London as the home of our renowned Percy & Reed Great Portland Street Salon has an affinity with us as a brand and we aim to celebrate this glorious relationship with this limited-edition fragrance inspired by the great city of London. Explore the independent fruit stands of Borough Market with the fruity top notes in this fragrance; raspberry and pear add a touch of sweetness to this irresistible scent, harmonising with the fresh floral heart notes of Ylang Ylang, Rose and Jasmine and base notes of Musk, Patchouli, Vetiver and Amber to create this memorable aroma. Our London Florals fragrance exudes the vibrancy of London, and now so can you!

This vibrant & uplifting volume boosting duo collection will perfect your mood, strands and roots, all at the same time! This collection includes: I Need a Hero! Wonder Balm Hair Primer & Turn Up the Volume Dry Instant Volumising Spray.

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Eau My Goodness Collection

There is nothing quite as joy-inducing as a British summer garden in glorious full bloom and our Eau My Goodness scent perfectly embodies this floral, fragrant dream! This irresistible duo begins with rhubarb and grapefruit which pack a punch as the top notes in this unforgettable scent. Ever-elegant roses, peonies and geraniums form the heart notes of this wonderous fragrance, to create a floral haven which will crown your hair with a lofty aroma fit for royalty. The earthy base notes of wood, amber and honey work in harmony to add a scent which is warm and rich into this wonderous mix!

This elegant and delicate collection will boost your roots and refresh with elegance. This collection includes: Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray & No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo

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