The Ulimate Haircare Routine For Your Coarse Hair Problems

The Ulimate Haircare Routine For Your Coarse Hair Problems

Do you have coarse hair that's hard to look after? Here's what you need to know...

Learning more about your hair type can help you find the best coarse hair products so that every hair day is a great hair day. 

So, what is coarse hair and do you have it?

You can find out if you have coarse strands by performing an easy test. Take a hair strand from your head and lay it out next to a piece of cotton thread. If it is wider than the thread, you have coarse hair. If you feel it between your fingertips, it may also feel rough in texture. Coarse hair can be a little unruly and stubborn to manage, but no need to worry as we’ve got the complete guide to keeping those locks looking luscious, coarse hair tips and all the frizzy hair products a girl could need.

What’s the difference between thick hair and coarse hair?

Thick hair relates to how much hair you have on your head, but coarse hair relates to the diameter. If you have a high density of hair on your head, your hair is thick. You can have thick coarse hair, or you can have thin, coarse hair. Coarse hair can be straight, curly or frizzy too.

What are some common coarse hair problems?

Think back to that Friends episode when Monica took a trip to Barbados and suffered from a humidity-induced frizzy hair nightmare, and you get the picture! Coarse hair tends to get dry easily, and each strand can feel rough. Owners of coarse hair can often suffer from the dreaded frizz. Fret not. If you do have coarse hair, you can easily get the silky, smooth and shiny hair of dreams with the right hair care routine and by using the right products.

How do you care for coarse hair?

Choose the right shampoo & conditioner for coarse hair

Great hair starts in the shower. Want to know how to soften coarse hair? It’s essential to pick a shampoo for dry hair as it will add moisture. Also, add a conditioner for dry hair to give your hair a real boost.

Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo & Splendidly Silky Moisturising Conditioner are the perfect duo to give dry hair a hydrating hit. This is the best shampoo for dry hair from the Percy & Reed range as ingredients such as Vitamin E, and rehydrators help to cleanse and moisturise. Splendidly Silky Moisturising Conditioner is our best conditioner for dry hair as ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter and aloe vera both moisturise and add shine. A splendid start to give your hair a natural defence from frizz and quench your hair’s thirst. 

Add a weekly hair treatment for dry hair

Adding a weekly dry hair treatment can really seal the deal and keep your strands super smooth and healthy. Totally TLC Hydrating Mask is a great choice for coarse hair that is craving extra moisture and nutrients. This is a fast-acting mask that rinses out easily. Give yourself 10 minutes a week to relax and pamper your hair at the same time. This little beauty contains marshmallow root extract, aloe and coconut oil for really deep conditioning. (Smells delicious too, but not edible!)

Apply a leave-in hair oil for dry hair

Hair oil treatments can also work wonders for coarse hair. Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ can transform even the driest of strands thanks to its Triple Seed Oil complex. It’s the perfect remedy to keep dry and frizzy hair under control. Work the oil through damp hair from roots to ends with your fingers, then leave-in and dry and style as normal. Use this, and your hair will be smoothed, sealed and protected for the whole day. 

Find the right styling products to Tame that Mane

Choose the right styling products, and you’ll soon whip that unruly hair into shape. Coarse hair can be stubborn to style, and if you find a product that can keep your hair under control, it feels like you’ve struck gold. Tame that Mane Smoothing Styling Cream can set you on the path to frizz-free bliss. It improves manageability and provides hold, heat protection and frizz control. You simply apply 1-2 pea-sized amounts to towel-dried hair and blow-dry as normal. It’s clinically proven to give you 72 hours of frizz control.

Fix frizz in an instant

Want your best hair day yet? You can fix frizz on the go with Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer, a quick-fix saviour that can be used throughout the day. You can pop a bottle in your bag and then simply spray onto dry hair whenever it needs it. Spray in, brush through and hey presto, frizz-fixed.  

Taking good care of your coarse hair and using the right products can literally transform your look. Do you have any tips for coarse hair you’d like to share? Let us know over @percyandreed on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram #percyandreed