6 Simple Ways to Solve Your Summer Hair Problems

Your Summer Hair Problems... Solved!

Hello Sunshine! The long hot summer days are just perfect for heading to the beach, camping outdoors, eating gelato and drinking cocktails on roof terraces. The downside of summer is that the forecast is not so great for your hair. The humidity can cause frizzy hair nightmares, and the mix of UV rays, sun, salt water, chlorine, and sand can leave you with dry, damaged, weak strands. Want to fix your hair and get smooth, sleek locks? Check out these simple hair care tips for summer...

My hair always goes frizzy in summer! How can I stop this happening? 

Frizz occurs in humid weather because moisture causes a raised cuticle layer. You can take steps to prevent the effect of humidity on frizz with the right combination of styling products and care. The first step is to prime your hair. A product like Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm will keep your locks frizz-free and will defend against humidity for up to 72 hours. It works as an excellent foundation for your hair and smoothes and seals the hair ready for any other styling products. Just a few drops applied through your strands will set you on the path to 3 blissful frizz-free days. Prevention is always better than a cure after all. 

fix frizzy hair summer

What about if I have a frizzy hair emergency? 

Even if you have the smoothest hair around, it's still possible that frizz can hit at any time. For instant frizz-taming you need a product that you can carry with you and apply easily to smooth hair speedily. When you are on the go, a product like Oh So Smooth Frizz Fixer Spray can really help. It contains sweet almond seedcake extract which helps you to banish frizz in a flash. With ingredients like coconut and moringa oils, the formula creates a shield around your hair. Plus it smells heavenly too! The anti-frizz formula adds a smoothing effect and instant frizz reduction. Just spray into your hair and brush through. Hey presto! Frizz-fixed. 

I'm off on vacation. How can I protect my hair from the sun, sea, and sand?

Ready to hit the beach or the pool this summer? Will you swim, paddleboard or surf? Sun, chlorine and saltwater can all take a toll on your hair. The sunlight can zap moisture and chlorine can strip colour from your strands. Before hopping in the deep blue, take a minute to drench your hair with fresh water and then protect your strands by applying Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish. This natural marvel will protect your hair whatever activities you choose.

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What should I do to treat dry & damaged hair this season?

Struggling with straw-like hair texture? Settle in with a pampering haircare routine this summer, and you will soon perk up parched hair. Our founder Adam Reed says “Use a treatment at least weekly, and it will add shine, hydrate, and maintain the hair’s condition.” Why not try Totally TLC Hydrating Mask? This rescue remedy is an intensive mask with delicious-sounding ingredients like marshmallow and coconut. It gets to work to give your hair a moisture boost and leaves it feeling oh-so-soft.

My hair gets oily quickly in the summer. How can I freshen up my hair quickly and easily?

If you are outdoors playing sport, hitting the festival circuit or just feeling the heat, it’s possible that your roots will get a little clammy. (It happens.) For an instant freshen up, dry shampoo is your best friend. Pop a product like No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo in your bag. It’ll give your hair that just-washed feel and leave behind an aroma of fresh, green leafy top notes.

There’s no need to compromise on fabulous, flawless hair in the hot weather with these super summer hair hacks. So step outside and enjoy the heat, with gorgeously glossy hair.

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