7 reasons to use No Oil Oil for Thick Hair

Are you a bonafide member of the ‘thick hair’ club? Congratulations. It’s time to count your blessings. You have the super-thick strands that your fine-haired sisters long for. Hang on, what’s that you say? Thick hair is not as easy to style as it looks? You have bad hair days too? Hearing you loud and clear. That’s why Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair is your new BFF. There is a reason this little styling product has a cult following. It’s the perfect solution for some of the biggest thick hair challenges. Here are 7 reasons why this beauty will fast track you to hair heaven, including tips from our founders Paul Percival and Adam Reed.


 no oil oil for thick hair


1. Shine bright

Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair gives you lovely locks that are sleek and shiny like the stars. For all out gloss, simply warm 3-6 pumps of the product in your palms and apply to wet damp hair before blow drying. Use more for curly hair. (The right amount depends on the thickness and length of your hair.) The end result? Hair that’s almost as shiny as your fave lip gloss.


2. Fight that frizz

Is frizzy, unruly hair the bane of your life? If your hair goes crazy with the slightest hint of humidity, fret not. The ingredients in No Oil Oil for Thick Hair include pomegranate seed oil, which brings frizz to heel in no time. It helps seal cuticles and smooths your locks. What’s more, the beautifully light scent lingers on your hair after application. Frizz-free and full of fragrance. What’s not to like?


3. Strengthen and protect

Using a few pumps of this product is the perfect prep for styling. Apply before you blow dry or use a heated styling appliance. You’ll help protect your hair from heat damage and keep your locks healthy and in tip-top condition. The nourishing ingredients like pro vitamin B5 help strengthen, rehydrate and repair hair. What a hair hero.


using heated tong to curl hair


4. Time to take control

If you have rebellious hair, it really helps tame your tresses. You can apply in the morning to wet hair and leave to dry naturally or blow dry. Taking control is easy with this in your toolkit. You can also use it as a quick fix on dry hair. Add just one to two pumps to your palms and smooth it through the hair. The weightless, long-lasting finish ensures you are in control and not your hair. Who’s the boss?


5. Fix the flyaways

Pesky flyaways? We hear you! After styling hair, use one pump and smooth it sparingly onto the hair. Use anywhere you need to tame wisps . Another top tip from Paul , “Work a small amount of Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil into the palms of your hands then, using a large blusher brush, smooth over the surface of the hair. It will tame flyaways and give a great shine boost.”


6. Banish split ends

A handy hint if you suffer from split ends. Pop a mini version of Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair into your handbag. You can reapply a small amount to the ends of your hair throughout the day. It will help seal and disguise split ends. (At least until you can ask your hairdresser to make them vamoose.)


Percy & Reed no oil oil for thick hair


7. It's a no oil oil

Have you been a little scared of using oil in case your hair gets weighed down by product? Then this could be just right for you. It has a wonderful lightness that’s almost water-like. As our co-founder Adam says, “There’s a myth that oils are heavy and weigh down the hair. Technologically advanced ingredients mean that the new wave of oils are totally weightless and leave hair nourished and healthy.” There’s no oily residue when using this hair saviour.


girl smiling with waves in her hair


These are just 7 reasons to use Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair. Add this little gem to your toolkit and your thick hair problems will be a distant memory. You’ll soon have hair as smooth as a Singapore Sling at sunset. Paul says “Our Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil’s are also a must- have because they are brilliant for adding shine to the hair and preventing frizz. They help to achieve a smooth, sleek finish.”


N.B. Fine-haired sisters, you haven’t been forgotten. The Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair has been created just for you.


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