8 clever hair hacks for your gym workout

The gym is always packed out in the early months of the year. So many of us are spurred on by the beginning of a New Year, the pressure of a little festive overindulgence and the positivity that comes with those New Year’s resolutions. There is no doubt though that the gym is fraught with perils when it comes to hair. Sticking to the gym is easier when you get your ‘gym-game’ down and, getting a simple haircare routine sorted, using the right haircare products, will help you look good while you try that spinning, ballet barre or aerial yoga class. So here are 8 essential hair hacks, gym hairstyles (and a hair treatment secret) that will help keep your hair looking fabulous both before, during and after your gym sesh.


1. Smooth the way

Applying a hair primer like Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm is a game changer when going to the gym. This miracle leave-in balm helps prevent frizz and protects from humidity for up to 72 hours. It also improves manageability, making it quicker and easier to style your hair before the gym. You’re also much more likely to leave the gym with your hair looking almost the same as when you arrived. Marvellous.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm


2. Pre-style prep

If you are getting ready for an intense workout like a HiiT training or a boxing class, it’s a good idea to style your hair so that it stays in place, and keep it away from your face to avoid distractions. Dutch braids are a great solution. To save time, you can style them the night before your morning gym session and leave them in. To Dutch braid, divide hair into two equal sections and clip one section out of the way. Begin braiding one side, take three sections of hair, and then the right piece goes under the middle of the hair, then the left goes under the middle while adding more hair from the root. Repeat and do the same on the other side. Use Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish to smooth any flyaways, and you’re gym ready. This look just kind of gives you that sense of attitude you need to smash that workout too. Just channel Lara Croft.


3. Don't sweat it, just dry shampoo

If you’re popping to the gym in a rush, squeezing a workout in during your lunch hour or a run before you get to your desk, you’ll need to get changed in a New York minute. There’s no time for a full hair wash. Fear not, dry shampoo is the gym bag essential you need. Shake the can well and spray into the roots of your hair, then brush through before your workout. This will prevent hair from showing the signs of even the most intense, sweaty workout. Another quick spritz afterwards and you’re good to go. Perfect hair, pronto.

Girl holding Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo 


4. Multi-task mask

You might want to keep this hair hack a secret. (Ahem, this one comes from our Percy & Reed HQ team.) You can work out while also using a deep conditioning hair treatment. Simply slather Totally TLC Hydrating Mask onto damp hair and slick back into a ponytail or bun. Your fellow gym-goers will simply think you’re working the on-trend wet look. This trick works. As you work out, the heat produced will help the mask penetrate your hair more deeply, adding in all the good stuff. A great treatment for damaged hair. You’ll simply need to rinse out after class and you’ll have super sleek locks. Multi-tasking magic.


5. Get messy in a good way

Make texture spray your new gym buddy. After your workout you can use a salt spray like Beyond the Beach Texture Spray to get marvellously messy hair, in a good way naturally. Think off-duty model. The finely-ground English sea salt and pro vitamin B5 help you to create texture and waves effortlessly. It’s also great for helping hair look less oily. You can spray it directly onto your post-workout hair and simply tousle your hair into soft waves. Ta Da!

Brunette girl wearing tousled waves in hair


6. Wondrous Waves

Spray damp hair with dry shampoo before twisting hair up into a topknot. Once you’ve finished your workout, you can release the bun and shake through your hair. Simply blow dry to reveal soft, wondrous waves.


7. Protect hair when swimming

Are you super-motivated and up with the lark to swim in the pool before it gets busy? (Impressive.) Have a quick shower both before and after hopping in the water, and rinse your hair. Clean water acts as a barrier to minimise the amount of pool water that can be absorbed. This will help protect your hair from damage. If you can, smooth Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish onto wet hair before you swim. Then, afterwards you’ll simply need to rinse, and you won’t need to use a separate conditioner.

 Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish

8. Wash wisely

You may not want to wash your hair every day to safeguard your hair’s natural oils, but regularly working out can cause excess amounts of sweat, and that can weaken hair strands, so it is a really good idea to wash between workouts when possible. Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo and Wonder Care Conditioner can help you get the balance right. They gently cleanse and nourish the hair without SLS/SLES, and they are packed full of nourishing benefits for your hair.

Hopefully, these gym hair hacks will help you keep your hair healthy, fresh and looking good so you can you concentrate on your fitness goals.


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