Eat. Sleep. Glitter. Repeat. ‘Starlight Glitter Glow’ Spray.

Eat. Sleep. Glitter. Repeat - Introducing 'Starlight Glitter Glow' spray

It’s glow time. Introducing ‘Starlight Glitter Glow’ Spray. This little beauty adds a lustrous shimmer to your hair, and it’s also an eco-friendly glitter spray option as it contains biodegradable plant-derived materials that are harmless to the environment. (N.B. Many other glitter sprays for hair contain plastic particles.)

It’s the perfect product for creating bold and beautiful festival hair looks, for parties, for nights out that call for extra glam or even to mix-up your mid-week style. This weightless formula combines subtle sparkle and light hold with our captivating fragrance for a glistening, fabulous finish. It’s chic, elegant and on trend.  So you can eat, sleep, glitter, repeat. Read on for the full lowdown on our brand new glitter spray including tips for creating festival hair looks.

What is ‘Starlight Glitter Glow’ Spray?

Starlight Glitter Glow Spray combines glitter, shine, hold and fragrance in one perfect package. It’s the ideal companion for festivals and nights out.The 50ml superfine spray fits perfectly in even the tiniest of bags, and a quick mist will illuminate hair, add subtle golden sparkle and a light fragrance, so you’ll smell dreamy whenever you use it.

How does ‘Starlight Glitter Glow Spray’ work?

Inspired by skin illuminators, the delicate finely milled particles in the spray add a dazzlingly sparkly finish to hair which catches and diffuses light for a highlighting effect. The weightless formula adds a perfect shimmery touch to your style, and it also adds light hold to keep your style in place. Adam says, “Starlight Glitter Glow Spray offers a light, luminous lift for all hair types, you can also use it to highlight and provide definition to layers.”  

How to use Starlight Glitter Glow Spray?

This glitter spray is super simple to use. Cover clothes and shake the can well before misting onto dry, styled hair from 20cm away. It’s that easy. You can use the product all over to create an illuminating shimmer, and this looks beautiful on wavy, curly or straight hair. Spray more product and apply liberally where you want an intense glittery finish, for instance, the parting area or onto braids or a ponytail.

Which hair types?

This biodegradable glitter hairspray works for all hair types, it shows up particularly well on dark hair. Apply more to lighter hair colours for shimmery sparkle.

How to get glitter spray out of your hair

The product washes out of hair easily, just wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. You won’t still be finding glitter 8 weeks later, promise!

How to do glitter braids & glitter roots for festivals

When it comes to festivals, you can never have too much glitter. Why not ‘go bold’ for your festival hair look by adding glitter roots? It’s easy to nail the glitter roots hair trend seen all over Instagram with this product - it’s festival hair in a bottle. Start by creating a hairstyle with a centre parting like dutch braids, a ponytail or simply brushing hair into a centre parting. Shake the Starlight Glitter Glow well and spray liberally along the parting area. ‘Ta Da’, it’s that simple. Time for Glasto.

Braids are a festival staple, but to add a new twist and enhance your braids why not add an illuminating glow by misting Starlight Glitter Glow along each braid? It’s a sure fire way to get your glimmer on. With a not-too-much-not too little golden sheen, you’ll be the Goldilocks of the festival scene.

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