Eat your way to healthy hair

As we always say, GREAT HAIR STARTS IN THE SHOWER™. But what we don’t always mention is that it starts in the kitchen, too.

Whether it’s nourishing avocado and coconut oil, or frizz-fighting pomegranate, natural ingredients have many nutritional benefits for your hair and skin.

At Percy & Reed, we believe in giving you the tools to look and feel fabulous every day. This month, we’ve teamed up with Mindful Chef, the UK's favourite healthy recipe box delivery service. They believe in reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs by giving you everything you need to make delightful low-carb, healthy meals.

All their recipes are based on unique uses of fresh vegetables. Recipes like this are not only good for your tummy, but they can also promote healthy hair growth, gloriously glossy strands and dial down greyness. Win-win!

Here, we round up our top natural ingredients so you can eat your way to healthier hair. Meet your favourites…


Nourishing avocado

avocado oil


Whether you toss avocado in a salad or apply it to your hair, this green fruit (yes, it’s really a fruit), will treat your crowning glory to the love it deserves. Containing vitamins, A, B6, D, E and iron, this little wonder is high in antioxidants which keep your hair healthy for longer.

Plus, fatty amino acids add a protective layer to your hair which helps retain moisture. Hello, all-day-long hydration.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish contains nutrient-rich avocado oil which works to boost hair health and promote growth. Its mix of natural ingredients including rose, geranium, lavender and peppermint essential oils, bring you no-lather cleansing, keeping your hair soft, glossy and revitalised. Dry, damaged hair won’t stand a chance!


Deep conditioning coconut


coconut oil


Coconut is another great addition to a healthy, balanced diet. It’s a source of essential fatty acids and helps the body absorb vitamins. And guess what. It’s great for the hair and skin, too.

Coconut oil is 94% fat which can help penetrate each strand of hair and restore moisture. High in vitamin E, K, zinc and iron, it’s restoring properties can improve scalp health and hair strength, even preventing hair loss.

Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask contains coconut oil for deep conditioning and moisturising and is ideal for dry, dehydrated hair. It also contains gentle aloe vera and mango seed oil rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus, marshmallow extract lends a hand nourishing and strengthening stressed tresses. Our heroes.


Frizz-fighting pomegranate


pomegranate seed oil


Besides being a delicious fruit, pomegranates are rich in vitamins C and B5 and potassium which help strengthen the hair follicles and fight pesky frizz.

Pomegranates contain a large amount of punicic acid which helps transform your hair into lustrous locks. As this natural ingredient is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and fibre, it also helps increase blood circulation in the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair contains frizz-busting pomegranate seed oil, which helps strengthen the cuticle by leaving behind a smoothing film that prevents frizz. Use it to tame dry, damaged, coarse or frizzy hair.

Voila! Who’d have thought you could combat your hair woes just like that?


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