How to keep hair volume in the rain

Whether it’s a torrential downpour or just some light drizzle heading your way, you’ll want to rainproof your hair to avoid that drenched, flat, frizzy look. There are a whole crop of styling products that can help you achieve super volume no matter what the weather decides to do. Read on for our top rainy day hair tips on how to give hair volume, wherever you might be.


Start with a big bouncy blow dry

Brunette girl with blow dried hair looking down


Begin your journey to big hair perfection with a big, bouncy blow dry. If you want to give hair volume that lasts through the rain, you’ll need to start with the right styling products. The rain can cause hair to become frizzy so start by using hair primer Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm which smooths cuticles and protects from frizz for 3 blissful days. Next, give your hair a good lift at the roots with Up, Up & Away Root Lift Mousse. It’s a root lifting spray that instantly transforms into a mousse, just like magic.

Our co-founder Paul Percival says, “This is the perfect mousse for achieving brilliant lift and targeted volume while still giving shine and amazing mould-ability.“

Simply apply the featherweight formula as a spray onto the roots of towel-dried hair, comb through and blow dry in sections to create lasting volume. Lift each section as you dry to add some extra ‘oomph’. This ultralight spray-to-mousse formula will give you dramatic lift at the roots, natural body and movement, and it won’t leave hair feeling sticky or stiff. Just perfect.


Protect from the elements

Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray


When your hair is dry and full of volume, it’s time to protect to keep your style in place. To stop the elements ruining your look completely, always try and keep a trusty umbrella to hand and aim to store mini versions of your favourite products in your handbag to tame your tresses on the go.

Mist your hair with hairspray to keep volume in place when you venture outside. Try Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray. This humidity resistant mist will help to ‘seal’ your style and protect from the damp conditions. Gently mist over your hair keeping the can around 10cm away from your head. This will hold your hair right where you want it while you fight the elements.


Singing in the rain

Percy & Reed A Walk in the Rain Shine & Fragrance Mist


Despite your best intentions, there is a chance you will get caught by a surprise shower or have a ‘Gene Kelly’ moment and decide to dance and sing in the rain. (There is always time for adventure!) If this happens, don’t let damp hair ruin your delightful day. A volumising spray will help you get back on track. Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray can pump up your hair in a flash. It’s the perfect refresher whether you are at work, the gym or on the go. Just shake the can well and apply to the roots and lengths of your hair and massage in to create volume and lift.

Our co-founder Adam Reed says, “Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray is the perfect quick-fix for hair that has lost its height. Turn your head upside down and spray into roots for an instant plumping pick-me-up.”

If you have been caught in a downpour and drenched to the point of no return, just go with the flow and adopt a marvellously messy look. Apply Beyond the Beach Texture Spray to your damp hair, and you can tousle hair into soft waves and allow to dry naturally. Go wild and windswept in a good way. 

These tips should help you defy the damp, keep voluptuous volume, get you ready to survive the wet weather and rescue you if the worst happens. May you never suffer a rain-induced bad hair day again.


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