Percy & Reed meets Laura Bradshaw

In our new series, we’ll be speaking to some of our favourite fashion and beauty bloggers about their signature hair styles, haircare tips they swear by, hair disasters that they’d rather forget, and more.

Our first interview is with UK-based blogger and YouTuber Laura Bradshaw of, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that we’ve long been fans of here at Percy & Reed. Prepare for some serious curls envy, and meet Laura.


Thanks so much for speaking to us, Laura! Firstly, what inspired you to start Laura

I have always had websites and blogs, but I was mostly inspired to start by other bloggers! At the time, there only seemed to be a handful of bloggers around and I was addicted to reading what they had to say about the latest beauty launch. So much so, I ended up making my own and it continued from there.


What defines a “good hair day” for you? 

When my curls look effortless and natural – something that can actually take quite a while to achieve on my super straight hair!


What’s your signature hairstyle, and how can our readers get the look? 

I love loose, relaxed waves the most. First up I use a curling tong – at the moment I love the ghd curve wand because it gives a natural, beachy style wave. I then give it a spray of hairspray and let the waves cool. Then I either separate the curls with my fingers or lightly brush them through.


When does your hair feel at its best?

I love how my hair feels the day after using a hair mask, super soft and shiny! Also, after using some purple shampoo as it really brightens the blonde, which I love.


Have you ever had any total hair disasters, and how did you fix it? 

Hair disaster is my middle name! I've had bad cuts, bad dye jobs and mostly all of them were done by hair salons, so you could say I'm a little precious about where I go these days. One particular bad hair disaster was a balayage gone wrong, I ended up with bright orange roots and a weird orange tinge over the rest of my hair. I wore a hat for a few days and luckily found another salon to fix it! 


What was your most embarrassing haircut, and how old were you? 

I once had a fringe cut and it went ear to ear – it felt like it took YEARS to grow out too so I wore it clipped back for most of my teenage life!


How often do you change your hairstyle? 

I used to be a lot more daring and randomly decide I wanted to chop all my hair off, then the next week it was gone! Now I'm a little more cautious, mostly because I have spent a lot of my life growing my hair back...


What is your ultimate haircare tip? 

Always use hair masks! They save my hair when it's feeling a little dry and unloved. Also, a heat protect spray is really important if you use hair tongs a lot.


Who is your celebrity hair style icon? 

I have always loved Ashley Olsen's hair, effortless beachy waves are my fave!


Thank you so much for speaking to us, Laura! We’re big fans of a relaxed, beachy wave too – and we really do love those curls. Find Laura’s blog at and follow her on Instagram at @laurabradshaw and Twitter @laurabradshaw.


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