Percy & Reed Meets The LDN Diaries

Our latest blogger interview is with the ever-glamorous Paula Holmes of The LDN Diaries, a London-based beauty, fashion, food, and travel blog. We spoke to Paula about what makes a great hair day, her recent discovery of the wonders of overnight hair treatments, and what happened when she asked a hairdresser for the iconic ‘Rachel’ haircut…


What inspired you to start blogging at The LDN Diaries?

My inspiration came from other bloggers at the time I started, over five years ago now. I worked in a media agency contacting bloggers on a regular basis to work with my clients. I thought it was amazing to see someone create an individual space for themselves on the internet away from social networks. I loved writing and I had just moved back to London so it was the perfect excuse to start my very own space on the net.


What makes a great hair day?

When I've been for a blow-dry! It's the perfect pick me up and always makes me feel confident.


What’s your signature hairstyle, and how can our readers get the look?

I like my hair with a slight wave, that looks slightly undone. I'll start off by applying a volume or thickening product to the roots when wet and a heat protection spray. Once dry I'll take individual sections randomly and wave them using a curling iron. I’ll then finish with a dry volume texturiser spray and maybe a little serum for any flyaways.


Paula Holmes Ldn Diaries


When does your hair feel at its best?

When I use a leave in conditioner or hair oil. They always leave my hair always feeling very soft, manageable and shiny.


Have you ever had any total hair disasters, and how did you fix it?

Yes! A blonde peroxide dye job that went wrong! Let's just say don't let a friend do your hair. I had to have it cut very short, shorter than a crop – there were a lot of hats that year. But it is just hair, and luckily it grew back quickly.


What was your most embarrassing haircut, and how old were you?

My most dramatic haircut, which could easily be my most embarrassing was when I was in secondary school. I had very long hair, right down my back and I wanted the 'Rachel' from Friends. I'm not sure that's what I really got in the end. My hair turned out short and with way too many layers to count.


How often do you change your hairstyle?

I used to change it a lot, especially with the colour. Now I know what works for me and what I like so I tend to stick to it.


What is your ultimate haircare tip?

For quick and easy curly hair, put your hair in a high ponytail, tong the ends, pin them as you go, spray with hairspray, leave for 15 minutes and let them down. I’d also recommend using an overnight hair treatment. I've recently started using these and can't believe I haven't sooner.


Who is your celebrity hair style icon?

It's got to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love her blonde colour and her hair and style always looks flawless.


Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, Paula. We totally agree with you about using overnight hair treatments – we recommend our Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery to everyone!

You’ll find Paula’s blog at and you can follow her on Instagram @theldndiaries and on Twitter @theldndiaries.