Perfectly Perfect Fishtail

Survive the festive season and arrive in style with our trio of party-ready up-dos, which we'll bring to you over the coming weeks.


Perfectly Perfect Fishtail Plait

1. The Perfectly Perfect Fishtail.


A classic and surprisingly easy look to master, this is also a great go-to option to save your style from wind and rain.

First prepare your hair by warming a small amount of Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish into your fingers and work through the hair. 

This is your braid aid and will leave the hair with a glossy, defined finish.  Pull your hair into a low pony tail and fasten at the nape of the neck with a hair tie. Divide your hair into two equally sized sections.

Take a small piece from the outside edge of the left section, keep it smooth and neat and cross from the outer left side over the section of hair, into the middle.  Next do the same with the right side.

  Return to the left and follow the steps, alternating from side to side. When you run out of hair, secure with a hair tie.

Pull the hair outwards to create a plumper looking plait.

Spray a little Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray onto your fingers and sweep over the hair to smooth down any flyaways.


To see these steps in action, and to discover another easy look using this braid technique, watch our How To Halo Braid video here:


Stay tuned for the second of our Party Hair looks, coming soon...