Prep, prime & style to last all day

Want a good hair day that lasts all day long? Of course, you do. Luckily, there are tried and tested ways to make sure that your hairstyle looks gorgeous and stays in place until bedtime. So you can start the day with a big, bouncy, blow dry before you’ve had breakfast and still be sporting the same great look when it’s time to head out for evening drinks. Read on for all the secrets to prepping, priming and styling your hair to give it extra staying power using a handy toolkit of styling products including root lifting spray, instant volumising spray and more.



Prep your hair for styling by lathering up with a shampoo & conditioner for your hair type. Our founder Paul Percival says, “Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type makes it a lot easier to achieve beautiful looking hair.” Percy & Reed have ranges that add moisture, shine or volume. Choose the one that works best for you depending on whether you have dry or damaged hair, dull hair or hair that needs some extra oomph. Alternatively, the Wonderland range is great for all hair types. When your hair is washed, conditioned and ready to go, it’s time to prime.



How does a primer help keep your style in place all day? Applying 3-5 pumps of Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm to damp hair will not only protect your hair from heat styling, but it also protects from frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours. So your hair will stay smooth until bedtime and beyond. It also gives a light hold to the hair as well as adding moisture and shine, setting you up beautifully for a happy hair day.


Lasting style

A great blow dry will really help you to create a style that lasts. You know that wonderful feeling when you are fresh out of the salon, and you don’t want to wash your hair for one, two or maybe even three days because your stylist has given you a blow dry you want to keep. Well, you can easily recreate that look at home with the help of some well-chosen styling products. The Perfect Blow Dry Makeover Spray will give you a longer-lasting, stress-free and super glossy blow dry, just spray onto damp hair before blow drying.

Check out our blow dry masterclass for volume for some great tips. You can add volume to hair with a root lifting spray. Our founder Adam says, “Up, Up & Away Root Lift Mousse provides more hold directly at the roots with ease.” The lightweight formula adds volume and creates a firm hold without stiffness. Spray on at the roots to damp hair, and it instantly transforms into a mousse.


A strong finish

When you’ve achieved the look you want, it’s essential to keep your hair just where you want it. For added staying power, try finishing your blow dry with a cold blast from the hairdryer. This will help seal the cuticle and add extra hold. Then, use a hairspray like Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray - this will give your hair staying power. It provides strong hold, but still leaves your strands with natural movement and flexibility. If you want to boost volume in your hair try an instant volumising spray like Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray. You can reapply this throughout the day to give your style a boost on the go.


You’ve prepped, primed and styled your way to a long-lasting happy hair day. Have you tried the Percy & Reed Prep, Prime & Style routine? We’d love to know! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram #percyandreedtips