The Best Hairstyles For Playing Sports

Not only is it Wimbledon fortnight (as if we ever need an excuse for Pimm’s and strawberries), but we’ve also been having some uncharacteristically fabulous weather here in the UK. If you’re feeling as inspired as we are to ditch the gym, get outside, and get active – whether you’re hitting the tennis courts, running out in the sunshine, or doing yoga in the local park – we’ve got three easy, practical hairstyles that will keep your locks firmly in place and you looking stylish.

Twist Hairstyle by Percy & ReedSporty Style 1: The Twist

We love this look, it’s pretty retro and has us channelling our inner Sporty Spice. The key to making sure this style holds up throughout your exercise is to use the right products when preparing your hair. As always, we’ve got your back on this one with a wealth of Percy & Reed hair products.  

Check out the How To: Twist It video tutorial featuring our very own Percy, and follow these steps:

  1. Start by combing a large ball of our Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse through damp, towel-dried hair, all the way from the crown to the ends.
  2. Blow dry your hair straight, then slick it back using our Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish.
  3. Separate the top half of your hair, and tie it into a secure ponytail at the crown.
  4. Scoop the bottom half of your hair together, and tie it in a low ponytail slightly to one side.
  5. Split the top ponytail into two sections and twist one section over the other, all the way down to the bottom, then secure with a hair band. Repeat for the bottom ponytail.
  6. Now, move the top twist over to the side, and pin it to the top of your bottom ponytail using a few hair grips to secure it in place.
  7. Twist again! This time, twist the two twists together (phew, try saying that one fast ten times!)
  8. Secure your two twisted twists (okay, we’re doing it on purpose now) with a hairband at the bottom – and voila!


Halo braid hairstyle by Percy & Reed

Sporty Style 2: The Fishtail

The fishtail braid might look like a complex style to master, but it’s a surprisingly simple variation on the classic plait. The key difference is that instead of dividing your hair into three sections and plaiting them together, you divide your hair into TWO sections and alternate plaiting parts of these sections together.

Yes, it really is that easy – and it looks gorgeous!

Not only is a fishtail perfect for playing sports because you end up with a secure plait that looks even better when it gets a bit messy, it’s also a great look for the summer festival season.

Afterwards, if you’re looking for another style to put your newfound fishtail skills into practice, check out our How To: Halo Braid video featuring Adam Reed.


Here’s how to get that perfect fishtail:

  1. Starting with dry hair, rub a small amount of our Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish between your fingers and run it through your hair. This acts as a “braid aid” and will give your braid a beautiful glossy finish.
  2. Secure your hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck using a hair band. You can create a looser look to your braid without doing this step, but if you’re moving around a lot then you’ll want your braid to be held in place.
  3. Divide your ponytail into two equal-sized sections.
  4. Now, we braid! Take roughly a quarter of the hair from the outside edge of one section – you can start on whichever side you like – and pass it over to join the opposite section.
  5. Next, take the same amount of hair from the other side, and pass that over to the opposite section.
  6. Repeat this all the way down your hair, alternating from side-to-side, and secure with a hair tie at the bottom.
  7. For firmer hold, spray your fishtail braid all over with our Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray to hold your style in place while keeping plenty of movement.


The perfect ponytail by Percy & ReedSporty Style 3: The Perfect Pony

Sometimes, we want to keep it classic. If you’re in a rush to make your morning yoga class, then a simple ponytail is the go-to, low-maintenance style that always works. Now, we know you’ve probably been wearing your hair like this for your entire life, but we’ve got a super simple hair hack for you that’s going to totally change how you tie your pony.

When most of us tie our hair back into a ponytail, we pull the hair back and up at the same time. In fact, it’s pretty difficult to get the perfect pony when you’re pulling your hair in two different directions. Instead, try this:  

  1. Take the top section of your hair – from the crown to the middle of your head – and twist and pin it out of the way.
  2. Using a hair elastic, secure the lower section of your hair in the place you want your finished ponytail to be.
  3. Unpin the upper section of your hair, brush it back, and secure it over the first pony. Voila!

This trick will give you a ponytail that’s much sleeker, and more secure when you’re moving around a lot. The simplest hair hacks are always the best, right?


What are your go-to styles when you’re getting active? What are your hair styling hacks? Share them with us on Twitter & Instagram, or head on over to our Facebook Page to leave us a comment. You know how much we love to #helpyourhair!