The best treatments and masks for your hair type

Has the festive season left your hair feeling a little frazzled? Heated styling and central heating can cause chaos for your locks and the cold weather zaps moisture. So it’s the best time of year to give your hair some serious pampering. Take some ‘me-time’ with an at-home hair treatment. Your locks will be looking their absolute loveliest in no time. Take your pick from these mighty and magical hair masks and treatments. Your hair will love you for it.


Feeling parched?

Why not reach for Totally TLC Hydrating Mask which includes a treatment bonnet designed and illustrated by Jessica May Underwood, exclusively for Percy & Reed. The luxurious and indulgent ingredients in this moisturising hair mask really give your strands a boost. It’s one of the best hair mask choices for those with dry hair, heat damaged hair, or colour treated hair. It contains marshmallow extract and coconut oil which deeply nourish and add moisture. (N.B. It smells delicious too.) It also includes mango seed oil which is loaded with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen hair and add shine. This is a hard -working, rinse-out mask that gets to work pronto. So it’s perfect for those with a busy routine, with all the benefits of a salon treatment, at home. Our founder Adam Reed says, “All colour needs TLC between salon visits, this mask helps to maintain the hair’s condition, add shine, seal the cuticles and lock in colour.”

 Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask

How to use

Simply apply the mask, wrap the hair up, pop on the bonnet included with the mask and leave for a minimum of 5 minutes. This raises the temperature and opens the hairs’ cuticles, allowing the nutrients to penetrate the hair deeply. The easy-rinse formula won’t leave the hair feeling heavy or weighed down. You can use it once a week in place of your usual conditioner for super soft and manageable hair. As a rescue remedy for severely damaged or dehydrated hair, use Totally TLC Hydrating Mask in place of your normal Conditioner.


Hair hangover?

Struggling with a hair hangover? You know the signs - limp, lacklustre hair that feels frizzy and fatigued. Holler, call Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery to the rescue. This overnight hair treatment fits seamlessly into your night-time routine, helping you bounce into tomorrow with hair that’s healthy, strong and silky smooth. It’s great for all hair types and will literally transform your hair while you sleep. This dreamy, fragrant formula contains natural pea protein that strengthens, battles humidity, combats frizz and boosts shine. You’ll have softer, glossier tresses by the morning. Regular use will keep your hair in tip-top condition and help protect from damage. Adam says, “Pay particular attention to mid-lengths and ends, as this is where you’ll see and feel the most damage. Each of our masks offers a deep-conditioning, ultra-rich rescue remedy that can help with strengthening and repairing your lengths.”


How to use

Simply apply Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery to dry hair before bed and watch it absorb instantly, leaving you free to enjoy sweet dreams. No need to protect your pillows. In the morning, shampoo out – no conditioner needed.


Soothe your scalp

Do you suffer from a dry, itchy or sensitive scalp? This can sometimes be the result of not rinsing your hair and scalp thoroughly and leaving product residue. Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish is a clever, hybrid co-cleanser that is packed with naturally-derived ingredients, 100% sulphate-free and detergent-free. This little saviour includes aloe vera and essential oils, formulated to target dirt, impurities and oil in the hair. It offers a gentle way to clean your hair and scalp. Rose geranium, lavender and peppermint essential oils work in harmony to nourish and strengthen your hair from root to tip while soothing any scalp irritation. It works wonders for coarse, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. Nutrient-rich avocado and jojoba oils combined with keratin and wheat proteins work to boost hair health, rehydrate and improve manageability. This super-smart cleanser will leave your hair silky smooth. Our founder Paul Percival says, “Over-washing with aggressive detergents can lead to an unhappy scalp. Our extra gentle formula will look after your hair and scalp like nothing else!”

Percy & Reed Wonder Cleanse & Nourish 

How to use

When in the shower, soak the hair thoroughly and massage Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish into the roots, as well as through the lengths. This will encourage blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth while cleansing the scalp. Try the formula three times instead of your regular shampoo to re-set your hair washing habits for good.


Need an elixir?

Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ is salvation for dry scalps and damaged, dehydrated hair. It has serious scalp benefits and can be applied, then brushed through the hair for a weekly exfoliation treatment. This versatile hair treatment contains a blend of camellia, macadamia and carrot seed oil which moisturise the hair and add strength and elasticity. Whether your hair is fine and flyaway or full of curl and body, it offers a speedy shortcut to silky locks.


How to use

Scalp exfoliation - apply liberally to DRY hair from root to tip. Brush hair repeatedly in long strokes to stimulate and detox the scalp.

Pre-shampoo treatment - apply to DRY hair, massaging the oil into the hair, then brushing through with a wet brush to distribute evenly. The brush strokes remove dead skin cells, boost circulation and stimulate hair growth. Rinse off then shampoo, condition and style as usual.

Leave-in - apply to DAMP, towel-dried hair. Simply warm the oil in your palms and work through the hair with your fingers from root to tip. Leave in and dry or style as desired. 

Adding a regular hair treatment or hair mask to your routine is a great way to add moisture and prevent damage. As Adam says, “Without a doubt, the biggest trend now is hair that is in tip-top condition from root to tip. Hair, apart from the root, is dead, so incorporating products within your haircare routine which strengthen, protect and are kind to your scalp is an absolute must if you want healthier-looking hair.”


And what better excuse for a bit of ‘me-time’?


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