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Percy & Reed Shampoo Bar Storage Tin

Percy & Reed Shampoo Bar Storage Tin

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Pair our All Lathered Up Cleansing Shampoo Bar with our branded storage tin, ideal for storing your shampoo bar in between wash days and a must-have for travel.


PROTECTS: Our storage tin protects your shampoo bar from moisture in the shower and allows it to keep its shape, that way you’re sure to get your 50 washes from the bar.

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Whether you're going to the gym, on a day trip, or overseas, you can take your inner eco-warrier with you. And given the shampoo bar counts as a solid rather than a liquid, you can simply pop it inside this tin, slip into your hand luggage and not worry about liquid restrictions when travelling abroad!

RECYCLABLE: This handy tin is made from a recyclable aluminium (BPA free and vegan-friendly) featuring a screw on lid. What’s more, aluminium is resistant to corrosion so you can store the tin in your shower. The tin is 67mm in diameter and 25mm tall.