Steph Chorley

Steph has been hairdressing for 28 years and is just as passionate now, if not more so, than ever before.  Having worked previously on TV makeover shows and photoshoots. she knows how important it is for the client to feel happy with their look and that they can achieve it themselves when at home too.

Her tips for a bad hair day?  Dry shampoo, a hair accessory and a slick of red lipstick - it'll brighten your day and look good too.


Cut & Blow Dry - £89
Blow Dry/Style - £59
Highlights/Balayage Full Head - £180
Highlights/Balayage Half Head - £155
Vegetable Colour - £64
Semi-Permanent Colour - £75
Permanent Colour Regrowth - £75
Permanent Colour Full Head - £96
T-Section - £115
Creative Colour - From £120
Men's Cut & Finish - £65