Hair Treatment Products

Are your locks in need of some loving care? Our range of hair treatments are designed for you to use at home and will keep your crowning glory in tip-top condition. Our hair masks, co-cleanser and hair treatment oil are cult classics for good reason. Use them to prevent hair and even repair damage, to restore moisture to frazzled, dry, dehydrated hair and to fight frizz. They’ll leave your hair strong, shining with health and feeling fabulous.

Heat damage, the environment and chemical treatments can all play havoc with your hair. These have all been created to help treat dry, dehydrated hair, prevent hair damage and fight frizz. Add these little marvels to your routine, and your hair will love you for it.

  • Hair masks - intensive treatments that work a little harder than regular conditioner.

    • Totally TLC Hydrating Mask is a fast acting and deeply nourishing rinse out
      treatment. Perfect for dry hair.

    • Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery will work its magic while you
      sleep, transforming dry or damaged hair into the super sleek locks of your dreams.

  • Treatment oil

    • Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment or a leave-in treatment. It’s a little wonder that can transform even the driest of locks.

  • Co-cleanser

    • This sulfate-free, no-lather cleansing cream is jam-packed with natural oils that will gently clean and condition your hair from root to tip.