5 Ways To Use Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish

5 Ways To Use Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish

Quite Frankly Flawless – these words all have one thing in common. We use them to describe our style saviour Finishing Polish, and for good reason too.

As the name implies, Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish is the last step in the styling process and all you need for an immaculate look. It’s the ultimate lightweight, non-greasy finisher for every hair type or style - wavy, curly, silky straight, you name it, this little beauty delivers. And there’s at least 5 different ways to use it. Talk about finding the unsung hero of your bathroom cabinet! Read on to discover how a little goes a long way with this hair hero, and the best ways to use it.

1. Fix frizz, no matter what the weather

Because let’s face it, the weather is always a bit hit-and-miss in Britain. Thankfully, our finishing styler is a fabulous product for all seasons, so you can pop it in your bag and whisk it away with you, wherever your travels might take you. The fantastic formula provides a protective barrier to the hair to help boost temperature and humidity resistance, come rain, snow or shine. So you’re always covered.

2. Smooth short hair

The perfect product for styling and defining, Finishing Polish is a real smooth operator. It helps keeps short hair in shape and under control. And it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply squeeze a pea sized amount into your palms and rub them together until the Finishing Polish almost disappears. Next, stroke your hands through your hair, from root to tip, defining and smoothing away any frizzy bits. Voila! Hair flaws no more. Even Beyoncé would be proud!

Our founder Paul Percival is a Finishing Polish fanatic. He says:

“This is a fantastic product for short hair. Trust us, the boys in your life will love this too, so don’t be surprised if it goes astray!”

*Hides Finishing Polish in bathroom cabinet.*

3. Tame flyaways

Pesky flyaways? Wisps around the hairline? We hear you. Make your hairstyle last from AM to PM and banish flyaways with a pea sized amount of Finishing Polish. It’s the perfect quick fix for unwanted frizz and flyaways, helping make your hair more manageable, whether static electricity, natural frizz or rain is to blame. Hear us out ladies, this is your styling must have. Go on, knock ‘em dead.

4. Make your braids last longer

There’s a braid for every occasion. Whether you’ve got a wedding on the cards or you’re looking for an effortless hairstyle to help hide a bad hair day, plaits the way to do it! But how do you ensure your braid stays on point all day long? Finishing Polish of course. Warm a small amount between your palms and smooth over a braid to leave it softer and cleaner, or smooth through tonged waves for a more groomed finish. There you have it; fancy hair without the faff.

5. Hold your style

For an ultra-light finish that won’t weigh down the hair, apply Finishing Polish using a makeup brush to seal down the ends. The finishing cream will provide a protective coating to your ends, helping keep unruly strands in place. It also contains horse chestnut extract to help give you a soft, flexible hold while sunflower wax gently moisturises. Use a little more to add definition and hold.

For our founder Adam Reed, it’s an absolute kit bag must have. He says:

“It’s my backstage essential giving a totally groomed and flawless finish, without weighing the hair down or leaving it looking overloaded.”


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