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Healthy Hair Habits to Take into 2024 | Percy & Reed

Consider these your haircare ‘ins’ for the New Year. 

If you’ve seen the trend for 'ins and outs for 2024', then you will be familiar with the concept of outlining the habits that you want to bring into the New Year, and those you want to remove. Rather than focusing on the negatives, we wanted to you give you a guide on the positive habits you can include into your routine that greatly impact your hair.

So, if you are wanting to focus on strong, healthy hair for 2024 and beyond, keep on reading…


Drink More Water

We’ve all heard that drinking water is important for your skin, but did you know that there are also great benefits for your hair? From your scalp to your strands, the water you consume aids the hydration & replenishment – which ensures optimum conditions for hair growth, as well as a reduction in hair fall and overall strength.

There are also detrimental effects for your scalp and hair when you do not drink enough water, such as a dry, itchy scalp and even flakes. If you do find you struggle with a dry scalp, whilst uping your daily intake of water, target the uncomfortable symptoms with our I’m No Flake Scalp Soothing Shampoo - clinically proven to reduce flakes and calm irritation whilst being a luxurious treatment for the hair.

As we move into 2024, this is your sign to prioritise your hydration not only for your overall health but hair health too.

Double Cleanse – Skin & Hair

When it comes to cleansing, to get the maximum results and benefits out of the product, facial cleanser or shampoo, you’ll want to use it twice. The first clean removes dirt, oil and debris, and then the second cleanse allows for you to get the full benefits of the products.

For example if you want to get the full benefits of our Turn Up The Volume Volumising Shampoo, the first wash will clean the hair, and second gives you the true amplifying effects.

If you’re looking to glow up your beauty routine this New Year, we recommend adding in this second step in your cleansing routine.

Weekly Hair Mask

We are happy to see that in recent years, more and more people are seeing the importance of weekly hair masking. Implementing a hair mask into your haircare routine can have a huge impact on the health and quality of your hair. Whilst your shampoo and conditioner can greatly target your hair concerns, incorporating a hair mask can speed up the results providing a more intensive treatment – whether this be hydration (using our Bye Bye Dry Hydrating TLC Mask) or strength (see our Give Me Strength Strengthening Mask).

Before you say that you don’t have time to apply a hair mask, we have the ultimate mask that fits with even the busiest of schedules. Our I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask is a deep conditioning mask that is fast dying – you can apply as an express treatment and wash out after an hour; keep on for up to three hours for a deep treatment (perfect for a gym session) or a mess free sleep treatment (our formula is pillow safe).

Healthy hair IS the aesthetic for 2024, so we would suggest you utilise a hair mask as one of your New Years Resolutions.

Scalp & Hair Oiling

Another healthy habit that can up your hair game in 2024 is hair & scalp oiling. Applying a nourishing oil (such as our I Need A Hero! Wonder Treatment Oil) to your scalp is great for giving a boost of hydration and enhancing shine. Pulling this oil down through to you ends allows the oil to infuse moisture into where your hair needs it most.

You can apply the oil ahead of showering, or even before bed to marinate overnight and then wash out in the morning with your favourite shampoo and conditioner – such as our ‘does-everything-duo’ I Need A Hero! Wonder Shampoo & Conditioner.

This is also a great way to promote hair growth and stronger hair if this is a concern of yours, simply swap out the nourishing oil for a more concentrated hair growth serum, such as our Give Me Strength Strengthening Scalp Concentrate and directly apply to the scalp.

Regular Trims

As we have previously mentioned, 2024 is the year of strong hair. Whilst it seems counter intuitive, keeping up with regular trims is key for maintaining the overall strength and condition of your hair. Tiding up the ends not only improves how your hair looks, but it also prevents potential split ends from forming and unnecessary breakage due to knots or damaged, brittle ends.

Consider this your reminder to get an appointment in the diary for your next trim. For a service you can trust and results you will be over the moon with, book in with one of our amazing stylists at the Percy & Reed salon.

So there we have it, your curated guide of healthy habits we think your hair would love you for implementing this year. If you are inspired by our guide and decide to add these habits into your routine, please tag us in your stories or posts on social media – links below:

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