7 Ways To Use Beyond The Beach Texture Spray
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7 Ways To Use Beyond The Beach Texture Spray

Want the best of the best? Percy & Reed Beyond the Beach Texture Spray has been picked by the beauty editors of Harper’s Bazaar as one of their ‘Top 100 products’ in the ‘Best of the Best Beauty Awards’. (And yes, those editors know their stuff.) It’s also been chosen as the Best Texturising Spray by those in the know at Woman & Home. Infused with Cornish sea-salt, it adds texture and lasting hold, with Pro vitamin B5 to keep your hair in tip-top shape. You can use a little or a lot to achieve the movement and definition of your dreams. If you want to make like the beauty eds and add this little beauty to your toolkit, read on. Here are 7 ways you can use this marvellous multi-tasker. (N.B. It’s not just for the beach.)

1.Wild Waves

Want to look windswept and wild in a good way? Our founder Paul Percival says,

“The new ‘wild wave’ trend is supposed to look effortless and undone, and it’s a look that’s easy to create at home with salt spray.”

To create the wave, simply spritz onto towel-dried hair then scrunch or twist in small sections to embrace your natural hair texture. Leave to dry naturally or blow dry. Easy peasy!

2. Kick Back Wave™

The Kick Back Wave™ is a laid-back, undone tousled wave created by our co-founder Adam Reed that looks great on everyone. To create soft movement and texture add Beyond the Beach Texture Spray to damp hair and blow dry. Then re-apply the texture spray and use a heated curling tong on the mid-lengths to create waves. Adam says,

“This undone look is very of the moment and leaves a really nice angelic feel to your hair.”

3. Blissful Braids and updos

Braids are so versatile they can take you anywhere, whether it’s an autumn walk with friends or an uber glam party. Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong’o and Sienna Miller, all brought braids to the red carpet recently. Using texture spray makes it easier to control and style your braid. Who knew? Prep damp hair with Beyond the Beach Texture Spray, working it in to give a soft, tousled texture. Blow dry and then braid the hair in the style of your choice. Your braids will stay put all day long. Beyond the Beach Texture Spray creates the grip you need to style any updo and keep it just where you want it.


4. The Ponytail Scrunch

Wave goodbye to limp ponytails. You can create a beautifully bouncy look with texture spray. Apply the spray to dry hair and use your fingers to scrunch, before pulling it back into a voluminous high pony. Paul says,

“Beyond the Beach Texture Spray is great for ponytails. It adds texture and movement without leaving the hair stiff or sticky.”

5. Get Good Curl

Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker have truly made laid back curls their calling card. To get this look use the spray to give natural curls added texture. If you have naturally curly hair, simply spray onto damp hair. Allow hair to dry naturally or diffuse on low heat. Paul says,

“Beyond the Beach Texture Spray is my new go-to product for all hair types and lengths. It’s perfect for girls with curls.”

6. Fine form

Add va va voom volume to short styles and fine hair. Salt spray is excellent for short or fine hair as it creates texture and adds body. Lightly mist through hair from roots to ends when damp before drying.

7. Super Saviour

Our salon secret? Use it to revive flat and lifeless hair between washes. Go an extra day, or even two, and still look absolutely fabulous. (Sshh, don’t tell.)

These are just 7 of the ways you can use Beyond the Beach Texture Spray, and there are more. So even if you have packed away your bikini, you can keep using this little multi-tasker all year long. No beach necessary.

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