A totally different way to cleanse your hair
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A Totally Different Hair Cleanse...

If your hair is feeling dry and unloved, then it may be time to try a totally different way of cleansing and our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish can help you do just that! 

A co-cleanser can work on all hair types from fine to thick, straight or curly and with Wonder Cleanse & Nourish being sulphate and detergent free it will be gentle on coloured tresses and sensitive scalps too.

Your haircare regime with a co-cleanser will be like no other, so we asked Adam Reed for his top tips on making it a success: 

  1. Firstly, being 97% natural, Adam warns, 'It won't lather up,' so you'll be saying bye-bye to frothy suds. 
  2. For your Wonder Cleanse & Nourish to work it's magic he shares: 'You must totally drench the hair with water first, the wetter the better!'
  3. Dispense 5-10 pumps of Wonder Cleanse & Nourish into your palms, to apply he suggests: 'Think of how you use your fingertips to make pastry and apply the same technique.'
  4. Once applied, comb through and then massage. 'Massaging will release the oils to help cleanse and nourish.'
  5. Washing out will need to be different too.  Adam says: 'The high oil content will require you to rinse more than normal.  So rinse, rinse and when you think you're done rinse for another full minute!'
  6. Do a final rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle for a high-shine finish, then you are good to go.  The oils will fully cleanse and nourish your hair, so he says: 'The great thing is there is no need for shampoo or conditioner.'

After using your Cleanse & Nourish, Adam suggests you apply a little Wonder Balm and then blow dry to finish because: 'The heat will re-activate the oils for a softer finish.'

Need a Hair Hero? Wonder Cleanse & Nourish to the rescue!

Your totally new way of cleansing will result in hair that feels, well, totally different!  You'll enjoy the best results once you've committed to this regime three to four times. Trust us!

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Plus the press love it too!

Sali Hughes had this to say about it in the 25th February 2017's Guardian newspaper:

 "Another personal favourite is Percy & Reed’s Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish, £18, a no-foam hair cleanser packed with essential oils that doesn’t beat out any bulk in finer hair."