Celebrating 10 Years of Percy & Reed!
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Celebrating 10 Years of Percy & Reed!

We're celebrating 10 years of Percy & Reed! That’s a whole decade of empowering our customers and elevating at-home styling, bringing salon worthy results to the comfort of your home. Join us to celebrate this month, where we’ll be reflecting on our proudest achievements as well as sharing what’s to come for Percy & Reed!

Firstly, let’s take it back to where it all began and spend some time with our founder, renowned celebrity hair stylist, Paul Percival (the Percy in Percy & Reed!).

What was your initial goal for Percy & Reed?

  • My initial goal for Percy & Reed was to create a team that was packed with genuine talent and like-minded people who wanted to enjoy the ride.” – Paul Percival

Tell us about some of your biggest achievements to date. What are some highlights that stand out?

  • One of the most notable achievements was the day I opened the Percy & Reed salon on Great Portland Street. Also, the day I walked into Space NK and saw our products on the shelf was a really proud moment. Another memorable experience was when I went to style Björk's hair for her music video. I was a huge fan and I was only 22 at the time, so that was incredible. Finally, one of the most amazing opportunities I had was when I was flown out to Japan for the day to go and do the Queen of Jordan’s hair for a gala for the royal family in Tokyo.” – Paul Percival

What's your favourite kind of job to be booked on?

  • “My favourite jobs are working in the music industry. I love working with bands and artists, because I like to create characters. This has always been an area that I have loved working in.” – Paul Percival


What is your favourite product from the Percy & Reed range?

  • I think it has to be Session Hold Hairspray. This is my favourite spray to create looks and to use heated tools with - it’s just so versatile! I go through so many, I take it everywhere I go.” – Paul Percival

What are your hopes for the brand for the future?

  • “I hope to keep innovating and bring products to market that genuinely make people’s hair better and easier to manage.”


Learn more about Percy & Reed by visiting our About Us page. Thank you for the love and here's to the next 10 years and beyond!