Do Hair Growth Serums Work - A Deep Dive!
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Do Hair Growth Serums Work - A Deep Dive!

Whether you’re searching for hair products to make hair thicker or you want faster hair growth, it all starts at the scalp.

Our scalps are an extension of our skin, so it is worth adding in some TLC if we want to create optimum conditions for healthy hair growth. With this in mind, a scalp treatment is a great addition to your haircare regime, which can come in the form of a hair growth serum. Our Give Me Strength Strengthening Scalp Concentrate is a targeted, daily scalp treatment which creates the perfect conditions at scalp level to stimulate new, healthy hair development.

Continue reading to discover how hair growth serum works and if it's right for you!

Percy & Reed Scalp Concentrate

Do hair growth serums work?

Hair growth serums work on the basis of giving the scalp what it needs develop healthy hair. Whilst we can’t speak for them all, we have tested (and tested!) our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate so that we can be sure it supports new hair growth. We are proud that when independently tested, the Good Housekeeping Institute accredited Give Me Strength Strengthening Scalp Concentrate within their ‘Hair Growth Serum’ category. Their beauty testers spent 8 weeks using the treatment, tracking any changes to their hair and scalp, whilst a Hair Metrix machine was used to analyze hair follicles and measure growth at the end of testing. The results…

“Overall a great performer within our consumer test and our lab analysis proved this hair growth serum to be effective at improving hair thickness and density testers enjoyed the positive results of thick and full looking hair, noticing a reduction in fall out and faster growth than before.”

How quickly can hair grow?

It is worth noting that it does take time to see results. For our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate, we would advise using the product daily (on either wet or dry hair), massaging the serum onto the scalp. You can use the treatment day or night – it dries down within a minute once massaged in. Results should be noticeable after 4 weeks, if used consistently.

What ingredients help with hair growth?

Hair products with caffeine and hair products with protein are often the first places to look when it comes to hair growth. Thankfully, our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate features both. A blend of wheat proteins and amino acids work to improve hair density and strengthen existing hair to prevent breakage, whilst caffeine has long been linked to hair regrowth. There is also a link between hair growth with rosemary oil. Our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate includes a blend of essential oils, including rosemary, grapefruit, orange and geranium, all of which give it a refreshing, uplifting scent. The powerhouse ingredient behind out hair growth serum is active, Sweet White Lupine. This nutrient-rich ingredient delivers the peptides and vitamins that the hair follicles need to develop healthy hair, as well as reducing hair loss. It was this ingredient which inspired the name of our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate, which features a high concentration of this powerful active for optimal results.

Are hair growth serums safe?

As with all of our Percy & Reed products, our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate is mindfully made. It is safe to use for all hair types. The formula is extremely gentle and has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin. We have also created the treatment to be perfume free, fragranced instead by a delicate essential oil blend. The daily tonic is also free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, whilst being vegan friendly and gluten free. Our Strengthening Scalp Concentrate is safe to use daily on wet or dry hair. It should be applied directly to the scalp using the pipette dropper and massaged in after application. If you are embarking on a hair growth journey after medical treatment, we would always advise checking products with your health care advisors first. Also, if you are worried about any sensitivities we would recommend patch testing before using for the first time – a full ingredients list can be found here.

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