HOW TO: Dutch Braid with a 90s vibe
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HOW TO: Dutch Braid with a 90s vibe

Dutch braid hairstyles have become increasingly popular as a quick and easy go-to – particularly if you need to style out greasy roots. Try our fuss-free updo here – all you need are a few key Percy & Reed products – and a cool scrunchie.

Here at Percy & Reed, we love a dutch braid. It’s chic, cute and sophisticated. We’re going to show you how to do a double dutch braid hairstyle with a cool 90s twist – by adding a scrunchie to make one chic pony at the end. 

Let’s go...

Step 1: Prep locks for braiding 

Product: Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo

We want hair to be as pliable as possible to work two dutch braids in, so we’re going to prep your locks first. Take your Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo and spray throughout hair, paying careful attention to the roots to create more texture and volume. Part hair down the middle and section into two. Then brush through ready for braiding. 

Step 2: Braidy bunching

It’s time to braid! Take three small sections of hair from the hairline and tightly braid them together, taking each strand underneath as you add another. Keep them tight by pulling hair to neaten each time you braid – you can loosen them later if you need to. 

Step 3: Keep going

Work your way all the way down the hair until you arrive just past the nape of the neck. Remember to keep pulling the strands tight as you go. Once you’ve reached the bottom (or as far as you want your pony to sit), secure the braid with a hair tie and then repeat on the other side. Almost done...

Step 4: It’s scrunchie time

It’s time to add the all-important fashion statement – your 90s scrunchie. A jersey or silk scrunchie is really kind to hair, but we also love cotton and leather styles. Pull the two braids together and secure your scrunchie around both dutch braids. Then remove the two hair ties so you’re left with a perfect pony.

Step 5: Spritz and go

Product: Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray

Once your scrunchie is in place and your bands removed, tease the pony strands to get your desired look. Then take your attention to your dutch braids. Gently tease the hair in the braids, pulling sections to loosen them, for a more natural look. Once you’re happy, spritz the braids with Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray to keep everything in place. 

And voila! You’re all done and ready to go to (braidy) brunch with a chic new hairstyle (and no greasy roots in sight).

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