Frizz Fighting Trio FAQ's
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Frizz Fighting Trio FAQ's


Could you tell us about some of the top highlights of this frizz fighting trio?

 Using this frizz fighting trio will keep frizz at bay throughout the day! Using the Bye Bye Dry TLC Mask when washing your hair will provide the ideal smooth base to style from. Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream is a heat activated cream, which when used before blow drying, will control hair so it’s on its best behaviour throughout the day (for 3 days in fact). And Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer is used on hair when dry, to fix outbreaks of frizz that can occur at any time, whether that’s due to a sudden rain shower, humid temperatures or post workout. The Styling Cream & Frizz Fixer both contain humidity, heat and UV protection ingredients so your hair is protected from these major contributors to frizz. We’re proud to say our Styling Cream has been laboratory tested and can control frizz for upto 72hours!


How does this trio work to tame my frizzy hair?

 This trio has been designed to help fight frizz from the root cause (dehydration in hair) with an intense moisture boost thanks to the TLC Mask, fight frizz for the day by aligning strands thanks to the Smoothing Styling Cream, fight frizz in the spur of the moment (we know what an unexpected rain shower can do!) by creating a humidity shield around each strand, thanks to the Frizz Fixer.


What are the key ingredients that will help de-frizz my hair?

 In our Hydrating TLC Mask we’ve enlisted a multitude of ingredients including coconut oil, aloe & marshmallow root extract to help soften and hydrate the hair from root to tip, by conditioning, rehydrating and nourishing each strand. The Smoothing Styling Cream blends styling agents, natural conditioners and shine enhancers such as Camellia Seed Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 and Antioxidant Sunflower Seed Extract, which work together to help tame, control & nourish unruly hair and reduce split ends and flyaways And last but not least, Frizz Fixer contains coconut and moringa oils blended with sweet almond seedcake extract in an ultralight formula which replenishes vital moisture and seals the hair cuticle, while forming a humidity resistant shield around every strand.


What hair type is the routine best for?

This routine is best suited for people with dry, damaged, or over-processed hair who need a strong dose of heavenly hydration to help combat frizz!


Are these products okay to use on curly hair?

Yes, these products work well on curly hair too!


Do any of the products included contain Parabens or Sulphates?

Bye Bye Dry Hydrating TLC mask is paraben and sulphate free. It is also vegan friendly and gluten free.

Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream is paraben and sulphate free. It is also vegan friendly.

Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer is paraben, silicone and sulphate free. It is also vegan friendly and gluten free. 


What order should I use the products in?

When washing your hair, use Bye Bye Dry Hydrating TLC mask to give a moisture boost to hair (we recommend leaving it on for 10-20mins to allow it to absorb well into the hair). Then when styling your hair, apply Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream before blow drying (this is a heat activated product), and style as usual. Finally, keep a can of Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer in your bag to fix frizz on the go when it strikes without warning!