Wax Hacks: How to use our NEW Session Styling Hair Wax

Wax Hacks: How to use our NEW Session Styling Hair Wax

It’s here! Meet our latest launch, Session Styling Hair Wax. The perfect step in your styling routine for adding texture, definition and hold. Our multi-tasking, matte styling wax is the perfect blend of natural clay and styling agents for long-lasting, flexible finish without the usual stiff, overly shiny finish, combined with caffeine and proteins to nourish and protect the hair. 

Whilst our wax is ideal for grooming shorter styles, you can also use it to tame flyaways and provide styling control on longer styles also – continue reading to discover our Wax Hacks straight from the Percy & Reed salon.

WAX HACK ONE | Add Texture & Definition

Take a small amount of the wax into your hands and warm it through, ahead of distributing the product into your hair. Work the wax throughout the hair, styling and shaping as you go. The Kaolin Clay adds texture and definition to the hair leaving you with a groomed style with natural movement.

WAX HACK TWO | Slick & Hold Longer Styles

Warm the wax in your hands and sweep over your hair. Using a styling brush, slick the hair back into your desired style and let the styling agents within the hair wax add some grip to the hair and hold the shape.

WAX HACK THREE | Tame Frizz and Flyaways, & Enhance Texture

With the wax warmed through in your hands, smooth over your hair to control any frizz and flyaways. Our hair wax is infused with caffeine and wheat proteins, so as you pull the wax through your hair to tame strands and enhance your natural texture, it works to also improves the texture and condition of your hair.

WAX HACK FOUR | Control Shorter Styles

Ruffle the warmed wax over your hair to control your style for a long-lasting, yet flexible finish. The beauty of the Kaolin Clay we use in our wax is that you get the benefits of being able to manipulate the hair and get the hold, but without the typical stiff finish found with many hair waxes.

BONUS WAX HACK | Groom & Hold Eyebrows

Using a spoolie or eyebrow brush, pick up some of the wax and swipe through your brows, shaping them into your desired style. The styling agents will define your brows and hold them in place all day, whilst simultaneously conditioning and nourishing the hairs.

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