Hold it right there! Finishing Cream FAQS
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Hold it right there! Finishing Cream FAQS

The creamy-wax formula of our Hold It Right There! Define & Hold Finishing Cream has been developed to define and hold short hair and chic crops, fix hairline flyaways and even tackle pesky split ends on long locks. Phew! Talk about the finishing touches. It adds shine, is non-greasy and smoothes hair in all the right places.

Do you have questions about Hold it right there! Finishing cream? We've tried to answer as many as possible below, still want to know more? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and send us a comment under the latest post. 

Could you tell us about some of the top highlights of this new product?

This is a light, non-greasy creamy wax that smoothes strands, defines styles and controls hair, whilst adding a healthy shine. The perfect final step to your styling routine!


What are the main product benefits?

Where to start! This product defines styles, and provides a flexible hold, while keeping hair feeling soft. It conceals split ends, combats unwanted flyaways, fixes whispy hair lines, provides definition to hair lengths & ends, and adds a healthy shine. It is also a great alternative to hair wax and hair gel for shorter styles as it gives a flexible hold, without any crunch!


What are the key ingredients?

Horse chestnut extract and sunflower wax work are the key ingredients and they work together to smooth, refine and define, while giving your hair flexible hold.


Is this product Unisex?

Yes, this can be used by men or women, and on long hair for definition to ends and concealing split ends, or on short hair as an alternative to hair wax or hair gel. 


What hair type is the product best for?

The great news is this can be used for all hair types!


Does it have Parabens, Sulphates and Silicones in it?

No, no and no! This product is also gluten free and vegan friendly too!


Is this the product I should use, if I used to use Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish?

Yes, absolutely because this is the same formula, the only change is the packaging which has had a nifty little makeover!


Formulas: Has the formula changed from Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish?

 No this is the same formula you know and love, it just had a cheeky packaging makeover


What fragrance does this product have?

This formulation features one of our signature scents, A Walk with Nature, a soothing fragrance composed of watery, citrus top notes, floral heart notes and musk & amber woody base notes