How to get shiny hair in three simple steps
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How to get shiny hair in three simple steps

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the shiniest of them all? That’ll be your hair after following our  easy how-to guide on achieving the glossiest locks around. Here we’ll show you how to get shiny hair in three simple steps – and it all starts in the shower.

Step 1: Lather up for extreme shine

Get the shine party started with Percy & Reed Time To Shine Colour Protect Shampoo, developed by our experts to protect your hair in all its technicolour and reveal locks that look amazing. Soothing aloe vera and hydrating coconut water nourish from root to tip, while blue sea kale and sunflower seed extract feature clever anti-colour fade properties. No fade = vibrant colour and unrivalled shine. The winning formula even protects from UV damage (which can cause your colour to become dull).

Apply to wet hair and massage with your fingers to create a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. And hey presto. Step one in operation shine is complete.

Step 2: Condition to the max

Next up – you guessed it – it’s time to condition locks and let the shine reap all the compliments. Percy & Reed Time To Shine Colour Protect Conditioner nourishes like no other. It’s the perfect antidote for coloured hair, also protecting from fade and UV damage. UV damage can cause your hair to become dull, so this five-star formula covers everything. Blue seakale and sunflower seed extract feature clever anti-colour fade properties to keep your colour bright, luminous – and above all – shiny.

Simply smooth the conditioner through freshly washed hair, massage in and then rinse thoroughly. Fancy a bit of a treatment? Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse for an extra moisture hit. Just sit back and relax while it works its magic.

This coloured hair conditioner is even infused with an intoxicating fragrance, our signature ‘A Walk Through The Meadow’ scent, so you can close your eyes and imagine you’re relaxing in a spa. Aaaah.

Step 3: Serum bright like a diamond

Here’s where the real magic happens. Our mirror-glaze shine serum is a revolution in shine hair care products. And there are not one, but two ways to use Percy & Reed Time To Shine Mirror Mirror Shine Serum.

You can use the product on either wet or dry hair. We know, ground-breaking stuff. For wet hair, wash and condition as above, then towel dry hair and work 2-4 drops of the magical serum through, then dry and style as normal.

If you prefer to use once blow-dried, use the product much more sparingly – you’ll still be left with a glossy finish. Mission accomplished.

This is the best shine hair treatment for all hair types. It won’t weigh locks down – plus we’ve formulated it with ingredients that really work. Clever argan oil works hard to moisturise while adding softness, as kalahari melon seed oil works its magic to bring serious shine and nourishment to every single strand.

Hair is left feeling soft and hydrated with a seriously sleek finish, however you choose to apply it.

It’s gluten free, vegan friendly and this one also features our signature scent. We’ve infused our serum with ‘A Walk With Nature’, a soothing aroma that features citrus and floral notes. Because now is your moment to shine (and smell great, too).

Three brilliant products, three easy steps to achieving the shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of.