How To Make Your Grown Out Hairstyle Work For You

How To Make Your Grown Out Hairstyle Work For You

Hearing the news that the salons were shutting once more hit hard, not least those of us with high maintenance haircuts. A razor-sharp bob or a perfectly symmetrical block fringe are works of art, incredibly hard for you to correctly trim yourself (and god forbid letting someone in your household attempt it). However do not fret, letting your hair grow does not mean it has to get out of control. Time to let loose and learn how to embrace your longer locks.

Health is Wealth- The top tip for making absolutely any hairstyle or length look effortless fabulous is keeping your hair in tip-top condition, as you certainly want to avoid unwelcome split ends. Give your curlers and straighteners a hard earnt rest and take the time to add some much-needed hydration to reinvigorate your hair and put the spring back in your step. Maybe we’re bias, but our award winning I Need A Hero! Wonder Treatment Oil works a treat for conditioning fragile ends through its triple seed oil complex, delivering an injection of moisture and protecting the hair whilst still keeping hair lightweight and grease free, whilst the macadamia oil deeply nourishes the scalp and roots to boost strength and elasticity.

Time for Texture- Texture is the master of disguise; it will allow you to style your hair in a way that will create the mirage of uniformed length or purposeful nonconformity. When hair grows out, it unfortunately does not all grow at the same rate. This is more disguisable with longer hair, but with incredibly neat styles it can be far more obvious, and leave the hair sitting at uncomfortable and unflattering angles. For volume and texture at the roots try our Turn Up The Volume Volumizing Mousse to bring an instant uplift. But the star of the show has to be our Beyond The Beach Texture Spray- whether you desire wind swept beachy waves or to give your hair a Rockstar edge, this is answer to your prayers. Its highly acclaimed formula containing Pro vitamin B5 means you can achieve unbelievably tousled texture without drying out or damaging your hair. You can either use Beyond The Beach on wet hair to spring your natural curl patterns into action, or scrunch into dry hair to add divine dimension. Either way, you’ll look pretty fabulous!

Frame Your Mane- This is for anyone with a fringe who is (quite rightly) too afraid to trim their own bangs. You may want to return to your signature style after lockdown, but for now, growing out your fringe maybe the only viable option. This is notoriously hard to do but is entirely possible to achieve without appearing too awkward when you know the right tips and tricks. Framing your face is key, which can be achieved by curling your hair away from your face, giving a romantic and universally flattering touch whilst avoiding the uncomfortable bluntness of straight curtain bangs- thank us later! The dynamic duo of our Tame That Mane Smoothing Styling Cream and Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray will be there to keep your style secure from am to pm. Tame That Mane will keep fizz at bay with its super hydrating Pro Vitamin B5 and Antioxidant Sunflower Seed Extract formula, whilst simultaneously providing heat protection vital to shielding your hair from permanent damage. Finish off with our Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray for even more durability and shine with 0 crisp-factor, allowing the free flow of your hair to reign supreme.

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