How to Use Dry Shampoo and Why You Need It?
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How to Use Dry Shampoo and Why You Need It?

There is a reason why Dry Shampoo is a staple in Pro Stylist’s kits and home beauty collections alike. From just a single bottle, you can postpone washday, add volume and texture, and even prevent a greasy hair emergencies. Suitable for all hair types and colours (depending on the quality of the Dry Shampoo used), the versatile results solidifies itself as a cult product in many hair routines.

If you find yourself searching for ‘best Dry Shampoo for dark hair’ or even just ‘how to use Dry Shampoo,’ we have the ultimate guide for you.

Continue reading for a breakdown of the product and how to get the best out of it.

What is dry shampoo?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s go over what Dry Shampoo actually is.

Dry Shampoo is a styling product designed to absorb excess oil at the roots of your hair for a clean and fresh appearance. Usually in the form of a spray, though can be a powder, the product often contains a propellant (such as butane) and absorbents (like cornflour) to cleanse the hair without water. This gives hair the appearance of being freshly washed, making it an ideal tool to use when needing to prolong a hair wash or refresh after any activities where your hair looks greasy – i.e the gym. Many avoid Dry Shampoo due to the white cast or residue, especially those with darker hair colours. A known culprit for this common issue is talc, if you are looking for Dry Shampoo for darker hair, opt for a talc free formula.

Unlike a number of dry shampoos on the market, our Session Styling Volumising Dry Shampoo does not contain benzene or talc, just high-grade ingredients to absorb oil, eliminate odours and boost root volume for a full, fresh finish.

How do you use dry shampoo?

The beauty of Dry Shampoo is that it can be can be used to achieve a range of results. For best results, keep reading to discover our step by step guide for each..

If you are looking to achieve a clean, fresh look – i.e delaying washday, see below:

1. As our Session Styling Volumising Dry Shampoo features ultra-fine cornflower, Step 1 is always to shake the can really well until you hear the aggravator moving inside. This ensures the formula is dispersed within the can ready for use.
2. When it comes to application, it is best to keep the can minimum 10cm away from your roots for even distribution. Spray the product throughout roots and scalp with a focus on the area’s that can get most oily – i.e around the front of the hairline and parting.
3. To get the most out of your Dry Shampoo, you’ll want to massage the product into your roots with fingers to further distribute and help absorb excess oil – before brushing through from root to tip.

To add more grip or texture to your hair, for either an updo or tousled style:

1. Again, start by shaking the can until you hear the aggravator.
2. Then lift the hair and direct the spray from root to tip, with a focus on the mid-lengths.
3. Plump and scrunch the hair to encourage texture and dull the slip associated with clean hair for extra grip. This will make hair much more manageable for any updos or styles, as well as adding volume for a tousled look.

For a general refresh of the hair:

1. Shake the can until the aggravator sounds.
2. Spray the Dry Shampoo directly onto a hairbrush and brush from the roots to ends. This allows for more control and leaves you with a refreshed style that smells beautifully fresh.

Why do you need dry shampoo?

Having Dry Shampoo in your collection is similar to a plaster in a first aid kit, though it may not be something you reach for daily, it is very handy to have on-hand. Whether it be an accidental lie-in, needing to amend your hairwash schedule to fit with your plans, or an outfit that requires an updo when your hair is freshly clean – Dry Shampoo is the perfect fix.

That being said, Dry Shampoo can also be utilised on a more regular schedule rather than just hair emergencies – such as simply refreshing hair with a spritz of freshly scented goodness.

If you’re a keen jet-setter or love a staycation, a travel size Dry Shampoo will also be your best friend. A Dry Shampoo that is hand luggage friendly, such as our 50ml Volumising Dry Shampoo, can save so much space in your clear liquids airport bag – no need to carry bulky shampoo and conditioners. It’s is also ideal for extending your blow-dry whilst away or adding texture to beachy waves.

Now that you’ve made it to the end, if you are looking to add a Dry Shampoo to your collection, why not take a look at our Session Styling Volumising Dry Shampoo – currently also available in a limited edition London Florals fragrance – SHOP NOW.