Special Edition A Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist
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Introducing Shine And Fragrance Hair Mist

The fact that the smell of freshly washed hair just doesn’t stick around long enough is quite frankly, frustrating. The moment you come home after a long day of to do’s, that fabulous fresh fragrance says byeeee, see you next time you shower and shampoo. But what if you could always have glossy, lustrous locks that smell glorious and make it to day two, without smelling of just hair? Enter hair mist. Fresh fragrance around the clock. No shampoo necessary. The dream. All you have to do is call on the dual-purpose jewel that is our Special Edition A Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist. Trust us, you’ll never have hair odour again. Here’s the lowdown on our favourite fragrance and glossing spray, including its bountiful benefits, and how and when to use it.

What is hair mist anyway?

Designed to freshen up your locks while strengthening and protecting, multipurpose hair mist is the new way to wear your fragrance. What’s more, it’s a hair product that helps create intense, dazzling shine so you can dazzle like the diamond you are, wherever you go! Think vitamin-packed perfume for your tresses that restores hair with gloss and vitality. Plus, it’s suitable for all hair types and colours. Whether you have natural hair, curly hair dry hair or relaxed hair, it will help refresh and revive tired tresses. And you’ll smell dreamy too. What’s not to love?

What is hair mist used for?

To give you a long-lasting aroma that’s specially formulated to be gentle for your hair. Hair mist works to treat your locks all year round, whether you’re fighting the frizz autumn brings with it or soaking some rays by the pool. And yes, it’s swim-proof too. It’ll keep your strands smelling sweet without weighing them down. Come rain or shine, the green fragrance works in harmony with its shine-boosting properties. It also revives hair, helps neutralise unwanted odours and gives you a little mood-boosting pick-me-up, anywhere anytime. It’s your new haircare BFF.

Our distinctive fine fragrance

Percy & Reed Shine and Fragrance Mist

As well as our love for fabulous hair, we adore the British countryside. This inspired the signature scent of our A Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist

Adam says,

“I am a big fan of fragrance layering, which is why we chose a delicate green floral. It won’t fight any other scent you choose to wear. A fresh and clean scent it was created for our styling products and is reminiscent of our childhood summers spent outdoors.”

When to use hair mist

Our hair mist is distinctive, vibrant and full of character so you can use it whenever you feel your hair needs a quick refresh. Hair mist can even be used to work wonders on second-day hair, for fake out of the shower freshness. Life changer.

Paul says,

“The perfect finishing touch to any style it leaves hair beautifully scented with a fabulous shine. It’s a great hair refresher for a busy day on the go. It’s a desk drawer essential.”

How to use hair mist

Shake a can of our A Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist and spritz lightly onto dry, styled hair from approximately 30cm away. Avoid touching your hair for a few seconds after application, to ensure the shine particles have time to settle. You’re looking for even distribution and gloss so it’s a good idea to brush the mist through the hair around 10 seconds after applying.

*Top salon tip* Pair with products from the same range, such as our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Shampoo and Conditioner or No Fuss Fabulous Dry Shampoo for the best results, scent from heaven.

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