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Meet Beyond The Beach Texture Spray

Picture it. Summer breeze. Sun shining down on you. And you have the sea-swept hairstyle to match. How may you ask? Enter: Beyond the Beach Texture Spray, your new styling buddy and the secret to *that tousled look*.

The newest addition to our award-winning styling range is infused with English sea salt, harvested from the coast of Cornwall to help create texture and long-lasting hold. Whether you’re looking to channel marvellously messy hair (in a good way, naturally) or want tame, tousled tresses, a quick spritz of Beyond the Beach Texture Spray will give you that effortless just-off-the-beach style, even if you’re staying in Blighty all summer long.

Scroll down as we unveil everything (well, almost!) there is to know about Beyond the Beach Texture Spray, including its bountiful benefits, what it does and how and when to use it. We’ve even included tips, tricks and salon secrets from our founders Paul Percival and Adam Reed. Roll on the waves!

What is Texture Spray?

Pretty easy to figure out what a hair product does by its name, right? But Texture Spray isn’t just about creating texture. While it does help you achieve the perfect textured updo, it’s also fab for adding undone scrunch on a limp ponytail or for creating definition and control in braids. Seriously, you’ll be impressed by this little multitasker.

Beyond the Beach Texture Spray helps you achieve your desired amount of movement and definition, whatever your hair type. It also amps up the volume of tresses – perfect for taking you from AM to PM through those hazy summer days.

What’s more, it’s not crunchy or full of build up and residue, so you don’t need to worry about any stiff or sticky styles here – just natural, effortless hair that falls delightfully as the day goes on. And, pro vitamin B5 complex will ensure that your hair remains healthy, conditioned and protected, so you can wave goodbye to dry, damaged locks for good.

Texture Spray helps give your hair grit and dimension. It creates more of a natural style that’s effortless and not-so-put-together. Think ocean-inspired curls, va va voom volume and beach waves without the heat. It also helps create the grip required for your desired look, making styling more effortless, whether you’re channelling a pretty braid or easy updo.

Our founder Adam Reed loves using Beyond the Beach to create worn in ‘Grunge-luxe’ hair. He says:

“To achieve this look simply apply to damp hair and blow dry. Now the hair is prepped, re-apply the Texture Spray throughout. Allow it to dry naturally and when hair is 100% dry, tong the mid-lengths to create an elongated wave while keeping your ends straight for ultimate cool girl hair.”

*Tries grunge-luxe hair immediately*

grunge luxe hair beyond the beach

Why use Texture Spray?

Wondering how to give your hair texture? Want to use a styling product on your hair but not sure how? Looking to create a quick, off-duty model messy hair look? Perfect. Texture Spray is the one for you. Whether you’ve got your eyes on serious texture (obviously), wave, bounce, or want to hit the jackpot with all 3, Beyond the Beach is the best texturising hair product for achieving your goals. It’s also great for making hair look more matte and less oily.

A true gem!

How to use Texture Spray

You can apply Beyond the Beach Texture Spray to damp hair or dry hair, depending on the look you’re going for. Simply spray the texture spray on hair. Apply more product as you go to increase the impact and go as beautifully beachy as you dare. We recommend partnering this styling product with our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo and Wonder Care Conditioner for ultimate nourishment and to help safeguard your hair’s colour and health.

Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm is also the perfect base for Beyond the Beach Texture Spray. Wonder Balm helps ease and speed up the styling process, prepping and priming your hair in readiness for all styling products and techniques.

Here’s how to apply Beyond the Beach Texture Spray:

To damp hair:

  1. Shake the bottle well and spritz onto the 
  2. Scrunch or twist into shape and blow dry or allow to dry naturally.

To dry hair:

  1. Spray onto the hair
  2. Tousle into soft waves. Simple!

And here’s our salon secret: Apply to damp hair and use a heated tong to create incredible waves and movement.

Percy & Reed Beyond the Beach Texture Spray

There’s no wonder Beyond the Beach Texture Spray is our founder Paul Percival’s new go-to product for all hair types and lengths.

He says:

“Lightly mist through short hair from roots to ends when damp before drying to achieve incredible volume and pliability. It’s perfect for girls with curls – simply dry naturally or diffuse on a low heat for a more textured look, and for those with bleached or coloured hair it gives great guts to your style.”

Trust us ladies, with this new addition to the P&R Tribe, you’ll soon be saying,

 “I’ve messed up my hair and I love it!”

Where are you planning to take Texture Spray on your travels? Send your thoughts and pics to us on Instagram, or head on over to our Facebook page to leave us a comment. #beyondthebeach