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Meet the Step Missing from Your Haircare Routine

You may already be using a primer for your skin, but have you heard of a hair primer? The likelihood is that you are missing this essential step in your haircare regime. Introducing I Need A Hero! Wonder Balm Hair Primer. Turning 10 this year and cultivating over 1 million sales worldwide, we know that thousands of you are enjoying the benefits of priming hair before styling! But why are so many of us unfamiliar with the concept of a hair primer and what benefit does this have for our hair? Much like a skincare primer, our Wonder Balm Hair Primer works to perfect the surface of the hair, improving the quality of the hair to give a longer lasting finish, enhanced styling results and 72 hours of frizz protection.

How do you know if you need a hair primer?

My style doesn’t last’, ‘My hair gets frizzy’, ‘My hair feels dry’, ‘My hair is hard to manage’, ‘My hair just doesn’t behave like I want it to’. Sound familiar? If you can relate to any of these common hair complaints, it’s highly likely that your locks are calling out for a hair primer. Created to perfect the surface of the hair, Wonder Balm works to seal the cuticle, concealing imperfections and smoothing each strand to give you the best version of your hair. Adding Wonder Balm into your haircare regime before styling delivers a multitude of benefits: your style will last longer, your other styling products will work better, your hair texture will be improved and hair will appear more shiny. Wonder Balm is also laboratory proven to give up to 72 hours of continuous protection from humidity and frizz. One small step in your styling regime, big difference!


How will it benefit my hair?

Wonder Balm for Type 1 Hair

Type 1 hair is naturally straight hair that tends to be smooth and can be a struggle to style. Here, Wonder Balm works to help the hair hold a style, from adding volume and texture through to keeping in waves. Also, because Wonder Balm is gel based, it is very lightweight and designed to be layerable, so it won’t weigh straight hair down.

See what our customers have to say:

‘I love this! Having fine hair and not much of it either, it helps me to control my style. I use it every day and sometimes after styling to control a strand that won’t behave.’ – Wondermags

‘I can honestly say for me it’s been the best product ever. I have fine and thin hair, and as I get older it is becoming untameable and a bit frizzy too! This keeps it smooth, controlled and looking fuller without adding stickiness or weight. Generally I use only one pump each day on washed hair. I don’t use other styling products, don’t need to….It helps me feel happier about my hair and more confident.’ – Belle

Wonder Balm for Type 2 Hair

>Type 2 hair is naturally wavy hair, which can become a little frizzy. Here, Wonder Balm works to smooth and seal the hair strand, to help prevent frizz and flyaways. It also helps to give the hair more shine, by smoothing the hair strand, which boosts light reflection. When left to air- dry, Wonder Balm helps to define waves, and when heat styling the hair primer helps hair stay smooth, sleek and in shape for longer.

‘Love this product, smells gorgeous and tamed my frizzy hair, makes it nice and smooth and doesn’t leave it looking greasy like some products.’ – Debbie

‘Really makes my hair behave as I want it to. Use it after every wash’ – Elaine

This was easy to use and I had such a good result that my daughter asked if I'd done something special to my hair. My hair is thick but fine and has a tendency to frizz when blow drying (I have a short bob). Using this, I had a very smooth result.' – Susanna

Wonder Balm for Type 3 Hair

Type 3 hair is naturally curly hair, which can take the form of loose ringlets or tighter corkscrew curls. When left to dry naturally, Wonder Balm helps to defend curls from high humidity, so that they hold their shape, as well as adding definition. When heat styling curls, our hair primer works to improve manageability, to make hair easier to style, whilst humidity protection helps hair to stay in style for longer (regardless of the weather!).

See what our customers have to say:

‘This is the best hair balm I have ever used and )'ve tried lots of products. Used sparingly, my hair stays straight for days but even better when used with the straighteners which work wonders with the product.’ – Den P

‘It’s such a fantastic product. A tiny amount makes such a difference. I moved to the coast and was terrified that my hair would be a curly frizz ball. But no, Wonder Balm has kept it looking great.’ - Denise

Wonder Balm for Type 4 Hair

Type 4 hair is naturally coily hair, with an S or Z shaped pattern. If left to dry naturally, here Wonder Balm works to create a perfect foundation for styling products, by enhancing hair texture and improving the performance of subsequent stylers. However, if heat styling coily hair, the primer works to soften and smooth the texture of each strand, making it easier to style and improving results.

See what our customers have to say:

‘WOW. So impressed with this. I used it firstly when wearing my hair out in its normal texture and that was nice as a base for the definition products. But, I found it amazing for blow-drying my hair before straightening.’ - Kelia

‘I air dried my hair and added the balm prior to straightening. It made my hair feel soft when applied and smelt amazing.’ – Deborah
Curious to see the results for yourself? We promise your hair will thank you! Shop I Need A Hero! Wonder Balm Hair Primer

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