Presenting a solution to thinning, menopausal hair... Give Me Strength has arrived!
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Presenting a solution to thinning, menopausal hair... Give Me Strength has arrived!

The menopause causes the body to go through a variety of turbulent changes. Whilst many menopause symptoms are relatively well known (think hot flushes and fatigue), did you know that menopause can also have a serious impact on your hair?

For so many of us, our hair is part of our identity. There is a reason why a good hair day makes us feel so great! So, when our hair starts thinning and we start to experience more hair fall, this can leave us feeling rather lack lustre, and less like our fabulous selves.

If you can relate, there is no need to worry. Hair loss during the menopause or perimenopause (the first stage in the process, which can start 8 to 10 years before menopause) is due to the reduction of oestrogen and progesterone during this transitional phase. These hormones help to cultivate new hair growth, so when the levels of these hormones drop, you can expect to see a decreased amount of new hair being cultivated by the scalp. Also, this cultivation happens at a much slower rate, leaving your hair looking and feeling thinner. Approximately 40% of women experience hair loss and thinning during this transitional period, so there are many women seeking a way to restore their crowning glory.

Luckily, we have just the thing for it! Introducing the new Give Me Strength collection, which helps to address the hair loss and thinning that can be triggered by the menopause.

When it comes to hair loss, the three-step Give Me Strength regime is proven to leave hair 6 x stronger after just one use*, helping you to hold onto the hair that you have for longer. This powerful trio, featuring a shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment, contains active ingredients that get to the root of the problem to help prevent hair loss. Each formulation features Sweet White Lupine, an active ingredient that works to increase circulation around the hair follicle, facilitating the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed to keep the follicle healthy, which is vital for hair retention. This wonder ingredient also helps to inhibit the hormone responsible for androgenetic alopecia, to help prevent hair fall and support each hair strand. This collection is all about reducing hair loss to get those hair gains!


To rejuvenate thinning hair, the Give Me Strength collection features a blend of carefully selected ingredients that help to help stimulate new, healthy hair growth. Alongside its other benefits, Sweet White Lupine helps to boost cell metabolism, meaning it actively encourages hair growth. The same nutrients that help keep your hair follicles healthy are also required for hair development, so as Sweet White Lupine facilitates the supply of these nutrients, it further supports healthy hair growth. This, along with other power ingredients, such as caffeine and zinc, make this collection perfect for reinvigorating hair where there are signs of thinning, perhaps at the parting or around the hair line. The keratin-rich formulas also work to fill in gaps along the hair strand, caused by lost proteins, which helps each hair strand to look and feel thicker.

Menopausal or not, everybody deserves full, healthy, happy hair! Click here to discover more about the Give Me Strength Strengthening regime.

*One clinical study found that when using all three Give Me Strength products together as a regime, hair was 6 x stronger after just one use, due to reduced breakage.