The 5 Step Regimen of Carla Guler
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The 5 Step Regimen of Carla Guler

The 5 Step Regimen series explores the hair care routines of some of the most creative and inspirational women living in London, the city where it all started for Percy and Reed. We explore their hair care regimens, hair hacks and how all of this fits within their busy lives.

Our first accomplished, energetic and ambitious community member is Carla Guler. Carla is a globally acclaimed fashion photographer and over her career, she has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, to name a few; Harpers Bazaar, FT How to spend it, Elle, Glamour. Needless to say, Carla leads a busy life. Here we explore her go-to hair products to achieve gorgeous hair on a busy schedule, her must-have travel fixes and the products she chooses to reach her hair goals of shiny, thick locks which give the look of a salon-blow dry.  

What’s your hair type?

I have long, medium to thick dark hair.   


What’s ‘hair goals’ to you?

My goal is to get my hair looking as healthy, smooth and shiny as possible! I have very long hair so it’s important to me that it doesn’t look thin or straggly. I love the look of a salon quality blow-dry with lots of volume and shine, after all – who doesn’t love a good blow dry?


What is your hair care regimen?  

My hair care regimen varies depending on what my week looks like. When I have the time, I always double shampoo then condition,  I use a blow dry spray as I use heat tools daily and then a little texture spray or dry shampoo to keep it looking fresh and lifted when I’m on the go. I always finish off with a strong hairspray to hold in place whilst I’m inevitably out and about!

In addition, when I’m travelling a lot and with relentlessly early call times it is important for me to have good, reliable products to hand for a quick and efficient hair regime. My refresh step 4 product is always dry shampoo and I always have a mini in my handbag in case I have an impromptu meeting with a client.


What does a day in the life of Carla look like?

I am a fashion photographer working with brands and magazines to produce imagery for their websites, shop windows, Billboards, magazine covers etc. I like to get really involved with a lot of the production too so it’s quite nice to see the work from start to finish picking models, locations, art directing etc. I absolutely love my job and get to travel a lot too having done photoshoots in Milan, New York, Dubai, Bali.

One thing I really love about being a photographer is that my work schedule varies, on a Monday I can be working on a location shoot on a beautiful beach in the UK, the next I’ll be in Shoreditch working at a studio shoot and then if I’m lucky, by Thursday I’ll be travelling to a far away land such as Kenya or Dubai to shoot a fashion campaign.  


What inspired you to work in fashion?

I always loved art and knew from a young age that this was the field I wanted to work in, after trying a few different short courses I kept getting drawn to photography and in particular fashion photography. There are so many different elements to it and I love that every job is so different, and I constantly get to meet and work with new people.


How did you get into fashion photography?

I studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion, which opened many opportunities for internships, working with ID Magazine on many amazing shoots before starting my own career shooting for covers for magazines all over the world. I worked in house for brands such as All saints, Net-a-porter and Ted Baker before branching out and starting my own business as a freelance photographer.


Your favourite thing to do in London on your day off?

I love being around people and socialising, so it goes without saying that catching up with friends is my go to when I get any downtime. I love to explore new restaurants and pop ups; my favourite right now is Tsunami Restaurant in Clapham. London is a great place to stay inspired with some of the best exhibitions and museums around. I recently went to the Tim Walker exhibition at the V&A which I adored!


Your favourite place to travel? And the 3 in-flight beauty products you can’t live without when you travel?

New York is my favourite place to travel and one I go to most often for work - with the long flight my 3 in flight beauty products I can’t live without are; Dry shampoo (for those on the go days), a hair serum to keep my flyaway hairs at bay and a restorative face mask for long haul flights when my skin needs some extra attention.  


What is your Percy and Reed 5-step regimen?

Step 1: Prep



Step 2: Prime


Step 3: Style


Step 4: Refresh


Step 5: Treat


To discover more on Carla head to her instagram at @carlaguler


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