The Best Treatments to Revitalise Dry Scalp and Hair
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The Best Treatments to Revitalise Dry Scalp and Hair

The right products can help keep your hair in check when you're stuck inside with the central heating or out in the garden with the sun shinning down, discover how to inject some much-needed moisture into your hair and scalp. After all, if you want beautiful hair, you have to keep your scalp healthy too!

Luckily for you, we’ve selected the key scalp saviours you need to save your crowning glory and avoid troublesome tresses all year round. Keep scrolling for tips on treating dry and sensitive scalps and discover the best-kept secrets on scalp treatments from our very own founders Paul Percival and Adam Reed.

Shiny, silky hair lies ahead and it’s just what dreams are made of. See ya, hair-mare.

What is dry scalp?

Just like your skin, your scalp might feel tight and dry during colder winter due to lack of moisture and vitamin D. You may notice skin cell build-up in the form of dry flakes caused by a build-up of hair care or styling products and natural oils. This is what we refer to as dry scalp and we know it’s an absolute ‘mare.

Dry scalp is different to dandruff, which may be caused my seborrheic dermatitis. If you have this, it’s likely you’ll notice both a dry, flaky scalp plus oily hair, rather than one or the other. In that case, you will need a medicated product specifically developed for the condition.

Thankfully, for a dry scalp, the right shampoo and combination of hair treatments can provide the care it craves and even eliminate greasy hair - what a relief!

To help combat dry winter scalp and promote healthy hair growth from root to tip, our founder Adam Reed suggests using our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+. This weekly exfoliation treatment can help restore moisture in even the driest of hair. After all, exfoliation techniques are too good to be reserved for skincare routines alone. Your hair deserves some love too, you know.

Adam says: “Our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ contains Macadamia Seed Oil which penetrates the scalp and hair, for strength and elasticity. It also has Camellia Seed Oil which helps restore moisture and protect strands, turning your hair into shiny, silky glorious locks you won’t believe. The added Carrot Seed Oil also regenerates and rejuvenates.” Genius!

Natural Macadamia Seed Oil is also great for calming frizz, transforming lacklustre locks and detangling strands. Plus, unlike most other hair oils, Wonder Treatment Oil+ is lightweight and non-greasy, so it helps keep your scalp nourished without weighing it down. Honestly, it’s a real winner.

What are the best shampoos for treating dry winter scalp?

When it comes to shampoo, the gentler, the better. Stick to shampoos that hydrate and moisturise, while targeting dry areas that don’t strip the skin of natural oils. The wrong shampoo can end up causing scalp sensitivity by washing away natural acidity. This leaves your mane susceptible to dryness and irritation.

Our new, ultra-mild Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo’s SLS/SLES-free foaming system creates a luscious lather that cleans and cares. Both Wonder Wash Shampoo and Wonder Care Conditioner are clinically-tested and proven in dermatological trials to be gentle enough even for sensitive scalps.

Percy & Reed Wonder Products

What’s more, our hydrating, anti-oxidant rich formula absorbs deep into the hair’s cortex, while a moisture regulator locks in hydration and enhances the hair’s condition. It’s hair type responsive, making it suitable for all hair types and it offers colour protection and protection against UV and changes in light and humidity. A true wonder.

How you use shampoo is also key. Trust us, it’s all in the technique.

Adam Reed says, “Always make sure that you’re thoroughly rinsing shampoo out until there are no bubbles left in the hair. Rinse once and then rinse for another minute even if you think your hair is clean as this a huge benefit for a healthy scalp.”

Our co-cleanser, Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish, is a totally new approach to caring for your hair. This clever, non-lathering cleansing cream replaces both shampoo and conditioner. 97% natural and 100% SLS-free, it’s extra gentle and nourishing on your hair and scalp.

Our founder Paul Percival agrees, “I would recommend products that provide intense nourishment during the winter. It’s really important to take care of your scalp, as a healthy scalp means healthy hair. That’s what inspired us to create our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish.”

Nurturing ingredients including rose geranium, lavender and peppermint essential oils work in harmony to nourish every strand of the hair from top to bottom while of course, soothing the scalp. So you can rest assured your hair and scalp are getting the attention they deserve.

Treat your scalp to a massage

Massages have a bunch of benefits, including helping to condition the scalp to prevent flakes and other symptoms of dry scalp. Plus, a gentle head massage after applying conditioner helps separate your hair with more ease, preventing breakage and pulling. Finishing the routine by rinsing your hair with cold water also helps seal the cuticle for maximum shine.

Our founder Adam Reed says,

“Next time you’re in the shower, take a little more time than usual to massage your shampoo into your roots using your fingertips – this stimulates blood flow to your scalp, encouraging healthier hair growth.”

Go on, you deserve it.

Percy & Reed Wonder Range

Lock in moisture

Hydrating. Relaxing. Replenishing. Just 3 words to describe a good hair mask or leave-in treatment that helps nourish dry hair and lock in moisture from the inside out.

Transform your hair while you sleep with our Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. This little wonder helps keep your hair in healthy condition, so it resists damage.

Here’s how to use it the effortless way. Simply smooth our rescue remedy through your hair as you get ready for bed. Massage the light cream into your roots, and then pull through hair lengths and ends. Wait a few seconds and (hey presto) it’s gone. In the morning, just shampoo out – no conditioner needed. Then spend all day enjoying your silky, glossy strands. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Adam Reed says:

“I tell all my clients to include a weekly treatment in their routine, to keep their scalp and hair in tip-top condition. Don’t wait to see damage before using a treatment - as in most things, prevention is better than cure!”

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