This Hero Does Wear a Mask!
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This Hero Does Wear a Mask!

Hair heroism can be found within our brand new I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask. Hair masks are having a moment and we at Percy & Reed are certainly here for it! You may be asking, why use a hair mask? Our multitasking I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask can provide you with the results of a professional high maintenance hair routine overnight (basically magic in a bottle). Perfect for those lazy mornings when you don’t want to spend hours on your hair but equally still want to look good and feel fabulous.

Our award-winning I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recover Mask contains restorative ingredients, including natural pea protein which work hand in hand to nourish and repair every strand of hair whilst promoting moisture retention. As the mask is left to work for hours overnight, the product can penetrate deeper into the hair’s cortex than other masks that are rinsed off after just a few minutes. You can therefore expect deeper, longer lasting results, leaving you with healthy hair; so not only will limp locks be transformed from dry and dull to glossy goodness, but any damaged hair will be significantly strengthened and repaired (it’s a win win!).

This low maintenance product only needs to be applied twice a week to make its full transformative impact. Simply apply to dry hair and comb through with your fingers or a comb. This product seeps into the hair rapidly, meaning zero fuss and zero residue on your sheets; go and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, we’ve got you covered. When you rise and shine, simply wash your hair, dry and style as normal, and brace yourself for all the compliments which will be flooding in for the remainder of the day.

Hair masks are often specifically targeted towards dry and brittle hair, but we at Percy & Reed believe everyone deserves to incorporate a little hair mask into their self-care routine and expect equally amazing results- that is why we designed our I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask to specifically work wonders on all hair types. Combination hair with oily roots and dry ends? Fear not, this product can also be applied to just the tips of your tresses where the product is needed most, providing the hydrating hair treatment you need, without contributing to oil build up, genius! (if we do say so ourselves).
If you thought this mask couldn’t possibly get any better, you are very much mistaken. Our I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask is paraben free, sulphate free, gluten free, vegan friendly, and dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin. To top it all off, we have infused it with one of our signature scents, A Walk with Nature. Imagine the smell of the British countryside in full bloom, with rose, ivy and lily of the valley mingling soothingly with musk amber and cedarwood- this scent takes you there.
Ultimately this is one superhero everyone needs to come to their rescue!