What happens to your hair as you get older?
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What happens to your hair as you get older?

There it is, that pesky grey hair. And another… and another. You know the drill. There’s no lying about your age when it comes to locks. That is, unless you’re using the right products…

Thinning is not winning

Fine hair needn’t fret, we’ve got just the products to ease the ageing process. As we get older, one of the most common changes to our tresses is in texture and density. This is because hair growth gradually slows and the hair follicles start to shrink, so fewer hairs grow. As a result, hair can feel limp and lifeless. 

So, if you’re looking for a volumising shampoo for thinning hair, we’ve got just the thing. Percy & Reed Turn Up The Volume Volumising Shampoo reinvigorates hair with body and bounce so striking you’ll be fighting off compliments about how young you look (probably). The gentle lightweight formula has been designed to clean, care and add volume without weighing your hair down. 

Work in the rich lather and allow your hair to feel nourished and conditioned without residue, giving a weightless finish and lustrous shine. Job done.

Dry dry baby

If only we could live with hair as baby soft as our toddler years well into our 40s. Alas, as we get older, the scalp produces less sebum, which results in hair feeling far more dry and a little bit brittle at times. You may also find it less smooth and a lot more difficult to manage. 

 As hair greys, it can also begin to feel dry – again that’s all down to your less oil secretions from hair follicles. The best shampoo for dry hair is one that gives hair a much-needed injection of moisture. Step forward, Percy & Reed Bye Bye Dry Hydrating Shampoo, a product so clever in its ability to perform, hair will feel as soft as silk. 

Unlike many other formulations, this shampoo penetrates the hair cuticle to moisturise from within. The result is shiny, strokably soft hair, free from frizz, no matter your hair type.

It’s all about the greys… ‘bout the greys 

Chances are, you’ve become expertly accustomed to a routine of covering these guys every 6-8 weeks. However, if you’re embracing grey days, you might begin to find that hair’s losing its shine. But how?

 Grey hair can appear at any age and it’s actually determined by our genes. Why grey? As we get older the pigment cells in our hair follicles begin to die. As they do so, each strand of hair will start to appear white – as it then contains less melanin. As we age, our follicles produce less and less melanin, hence more and more greys. 

Thankfully, we’ve developed a shampoo that provides more gloss and shimmer than you can shake a diamond at. Percy & Reed Time to Shine Colour Protect Shampoo contains sunflower seed extract & blue seakale to prolong colour fade. The lightweight formula increases vibrancy whilst delivering a smooth ‘high shine’ finish.