What is a Hair Primer and Why Should You Use It? We'll Explain Everything...
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What is a Hair Primer and Why Should You Use It? We'll Explain Everything...

You are probably already familiar with the wide-ranging beauty benefits of a make-up primer, but have you tried (or even heard of!?) a hair primer? 

Beauty primers smooth your skin, give a good base and offer illuminating and hydrating benefits. Using a hair primer is a game-changer too! It's the perfect prep for smooth, frizz-free hair. This little beauty is a leave-in hair product that will set you on the path to endless days of easy hair styling. Once you give it a try, there’s no looking back.

What is a hair primer?

Much like a beauty primer, a hair primer preps your hair and acts as the perfect base for everything that goes on top. It makes styling your hair both easier and speedier and it helps give you a flawless finish. 

Working as a leave-in balm, a hair primer protects against heat damage and environmental factors and smoothes your strands to create an even surface. Most hair primers work to make your hair smooth and sleek. For example, our Wonder Balm has been tested and proven to provide protection from frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours. It can be applied in under a minute and gives you three frizz-free, ‘good hair’ days. Bliss! 

Which hair types should use a hair primer?

All of them. Seriously! A primer is an excellent choice for all hair types. If your hair is dry and dull, it can help add a hydrating boost and shine. For those with coarse or frizzy hair, it will help to give hair a smoother appearance.

If you’re using a heated appliance to add curls or straighten, it will provide protection from heat damage. It also adds definition to your hair and can be combined with other products to add volume. You can use the primer on any length of hair, all you need to do is vary the amount you use accordingly.

How do you actually use it?

It’s super simple to use! Get ready for this balm to show you a good prime.

For best results, you'll need to apply approximately 3-5 pumps of the product to your palm and then work through damp, towel-dried hair from roots to ends. Use your fingers like a comb to pull the product through your hair and evenly distribute it. Allow your hair to dry naturally or let loose with your styling tools and blow-dry, curl, wave or straighten as you wish. You’ll soon experience the magic. Use a primer in your regular routine after washing and conditioning and before styling.

How can a primer work with other products?

A primer can be used as a base for all your products, helping them to work more effectively (just like a make-up primer!) Here at Percy & Reed we like to combine our Wonder Balm with other products for the ultimate super shiny hair. Want to try it? Simply mix three pumps of I Need A Hero! Wonder Balm Hair Primer with three pumps of I Need A Hero! Wonder Treatment OilApply to towel-dried hair, and when styled you’ll get the mirror-like shine you see on those perfect Instagram hair shots. 

We also like mixing our balm with Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational No Oil Oil for Thick Hair. It’s a non-greasy hair serum that contains frizz-fighting pomegranate seed oil, and it will help bring rebellious hair to heel in no time. You can also apply Wonder Balm sparingly to dry hair to calm flyaways. It's a true, multi-purpose product! 

If you swear by a primer in your make-up routine, you’ll love a hair primer just as much. Would you add this product to your haircare routine? Let us know how you get on over @percyandreed on Facebook or Instagram #percyandreed