The Ultimate Guide to Soft Waves with our Wonder Collection
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The Ultimate Guide to Soft Waves with our Wonder Collection

One of the most romantic yet effortless hair styles has got to be the soft wave. This style beautifully frames any face shape and brings dimension to your lengths and is a great go-to for a perfect day to night hair look. If you’ve been meaning to try something new with your hair, or simply want to master your curling skills, you have certainly come to the right place!


It is essential to prime your hair ready for some serious styling. Priming hair is as important as adding a primer before your foundation, and its truly the way to get gorgeous locks. Therefore, we recommend using our I Need A Hero! Wonder Treatment Oil and Wonder Balm Hair Primer before styling- now let’s run you through why you need these little wonders in your life, and how they can help you achieve effortless loose waves.

Our I Need A Hero! Wonder Treatment Oil is the answer to all your hair care prayers. This product is an absolute game changer for anyone suffering from dry or damaged hair in great need of some serious TLC. Rarely do hair oils manage to offer such high levels of treatment whilst managing to avoid grease or weighing hair down, but (not to blow our own trumpet or anything), we have managed to achieve the perfect balance with this dreamy product!

Camellia seed oil boosts moisture in your strands whilst simultaneously offering a vital protective barrier to the hair. Not only will your hair be protected and nourished (essential for heat styling), but also strengthened by the formula’s macadamia oil which penetrates both the scalp and hair, aiding in strengthening and improving the elasticity of every strand. Suitable for sensitive skin, Sulphate free, Paraben free, and vegan friendly- don’t say we don’t treat you! Run 3-4 pumps of product through your hair depending on hair length from mid lengths to tip (and thank us later).


Onto our legendary I Need A Hero! Wonder Balm Hair Primer; a cult classic and for good reason. Our best-selling hair primer is pure hair magic in a bottle. Helping to ease the styling process three-fold with its moisture locking, shine enhancing, and frizz taming abilities. This multiuse product can be used on both damp towel dried hair or after styling to provide a professional finishing touch- either way, you will be stunned by the incredible game changing results. Apply a few pumps of product depending on hair length from mid-lengths to tip for 72 hour frizz protection and a longer lasting defined result.


Once you are prepped and primed you’ll be all ready to style. After blow drying your hair, reach for a large barrel curling tong to achieve the best loose waves. Firstly, section your hair and place upon the first section of hair with a subtle twist. Move the curler down the hair then flip the tong so that the barrel is on the top of the hair. Once the curler is in this position, twist the curler in the opposite direction, and the perfect soft wave will be yours. Repeat this process on all the other sections of hair to achieve this beautiful subtle soft wave throughout. And there you have it, our guide to the perfect soft wave!

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