Paul Percival

The life of one of the world’s leading session stylists is a pretty busy one. In any week, Paul might head to Rome to work with Cheryl for the XFactor judges houses, then whizz back to London to see Ellie Goulding before a shoot. Despite the fast-paced lifestyle, Paul keeps his feet firmly on the ground and never gets stressed. He tells it like it is, but always with his tongue firmly in his cheek and a wry smile on his face. Spend time around him and you’re guaranteed a spontaneous ride and the odd joke too.

Paul trained on the session stylist circuit, learning from some of the world’s leading names. Over the last twelve years he’s worked on music videos, catwalk shows, VIP appearances and magazines, flying six, seven, eight (we lose count) times a week to do the dos of musicians and models alike.

His Style Tips

His style tips its (super stylish) hat towards simple and clean lines, with a carefully balanced edge of spontaneous creativity. And it’s all about balance with Paul. Life may be hectic, and there may be that early flight or dawn shoot tomorrow, but there’s always time for family. So, when he’s not styling Will Young or Rita Ora, he can be found relaxing with his beautiful wife and kids - plus pet pooch Obi the dog.

He loves the outdoors, sports and has a bit of a penchant for fast cars and gadgets (his MacBook is never too far away). But his natural habitat is the music scene where the people and the vibe are relaxed, contemporary and unpredictable. You’ll find him at promos, video shoots, TV and gigs (he’s usually the one in the hat).