Ash Cockrell

Ash thrives on being pushed to his creative limits. He was inspired to join hairdressing when seeing Guido Palau lead the Alexander Mcqueen runway 6 years ago.

Ashley would most love a day playing with Lady Gaga’s hair in her wig room, so many creative options!

Ash's favourite Percy & Reed product? Wonder Balm of course! It's the perfect blow-dry aid, it gives smoothness and is ideal for any round brush blowout!


Women's Cut & Blow Dry: £80

Men's Cut & Blow Dry: £62 

Blow Dry: £48

Highlights Full: £170

Highlights Half: £145

Highlights T-Sec: £105

Tint: £85

Tint regrowth: £68

Vegetable Colour: £62

Semi-Permanent Colour: £73

Creative Colour Advanced: £170

Creative Colour Basic: £145

Bleach: £170

Additional Blow Dry: £38